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Christopher Williams
Well within Tolerance Levels.
Well within Tolerance Levels.

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100 Entries between 8:PM and 9:45 AM on a Friday night no less.  You people are amazing.  Thank you (and keep 'em coming!)

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Help me with a school project if you will and the following fairly quick survey for my Statistics Class.  Feel free to spread it far and wide.  It is for real!

Holy shit... this time tomorrow, I'm going to be a married man.

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In brief... I am blessed to know who I know, and am lucky that I have been given the chance to experience such friendship.

Speaking of being lucky: T-Minus: 21 days and counting!

Bachelor Party Update: Rat Pack is Back - Marilyn Monroe made out with my glasses. 

To Dan Luboff... I love you. You are my hero, my friend, and my brother always.

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T-minus 36 days and counting...

When faced with an impending kidnapping and transport to strange unknown locales performed by friends and loved ones with whom you would trust with your life if not your woman, what does one do? Well I don't know about you... but I bought a new tux.
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