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New blog for your delectation. Or contempt...

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Turkeys and Gems
We try to see as much theatre as we can as it's obviously important for us to stay in touch with what's happening in the 'real' world.  In our travels we come across gems and turkeys and you get to wondering how turkeys reach the table? Especially at venues...

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Just about right!
It's rare to say any production is 'without blemish', but that's what the Adjudicator said of our recent production of 'Just' at the Welwyn Youth Drama Festival before awarding it first prize and the Adjudicator's Prize for our chorus work. A tremendous ach...

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Shy child? Drop and Go!”
Almost every parent talking to us about their little one joining our First Class theatre group (ages rising 4 to 6) thinks their child is shy. Can I just begin by reassuring you all – wariness of new situations is perfectly normal and even healthy - we feel...

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Choosing the right theatre school for your child
There are so many theatre schools now it's an almost impossible task to choose. In St Albans alone there are at least sixteeen (yes, SIXTEEN !!) so how on earth can you make a comparison? In this brief blog I'll try and make the journey easier for you (and ...

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Don’t Put Your Daughter on the Stage, Mrs Worthington! Part 1 – Why?
Last week's Best summer course cast of 'A Grimm Summer Night's Dream' - who knows who may go on from here to a stage career? As the co-founder of Best Theatre Arts I often get asked
what advice I’d give to a parent with a child who seems keen on a career in...

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The show must go on!
Well, it all happened yesterday! We were invited by St Albans High School for Girls to run The Boy Preference in the new Jubilee Hall. We readily greed as it's a much bigger space than we've been used to and it was nice to take the show to a school where a ...

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Little gems
So our formal rehearsal process for The Boy Preference is now over. It has been fantastic to have the time to properly rehearse key elements of the show - analysing and testing all the decisions we've made and, in a number of cases, making new decisions. Th...

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So near...
As I write there is only 1 seat left for our show at the National Theatre. I never thought I'd be in a position to say a show we've put on has sold out the National Theatre. Good grief! Our NT Associate Director Dan came up to share Sunday with us - a full ...

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You're gonna need a bigger boat
As we watched the very excellent Light Shining in Buckinghamshire tonight I was struck by my first feelings of misgivings. The huge sound system rumbled and the stage was filled with blinding LEDS as the safety curtain split to reveal a massive table on a h...
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