Indeed - although G+ needs to get past the echo-chamber stage of being a venue for mostly talking about... G+
Google+ is like a religion just to this extent: One has to believe & be baptized to get it. Judging from the outside is inevitably baffling.

I know people in my business who are refusing to dive in. Considering what they do -- working with communities, badly in need of figuring out engagement -- that's a problem for them.

It's also a problem for G+: If you don't go to the effort of encircling enough friends, G+ will be a home for crickets; not very interesting. I now understand better why in Buzz Google wanted to prepopulate users' worlds with "friends" from Gmail. But they won't be making that boo-boo again.

In any case to my colleagues in news and media, I say you need to get wet. This is addicting and most certainly engaging and that's a lesson we need to learn!
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