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Here a great smooth track from Stardelay (Carsten Mentzel) from his one an only album "A New High Fidelity Tripout":

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Here another one of my favorites, the whole album "Soul Express" from Chris Standring is outstanding, though not entirely Chillout:

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Hello folks!

I am looking for some really high quality chillout music. Maybe you can suggest me some albums.

I have something in mind produced by real musicans, who know what they are doing.

There are so many "artists" around doing chillout music on their notebooks with some sequencer tweaking that is rather amateurish. One single chord streched to 6 minutes, without any feeling or taste for melody and harmony. To tell the truth many years ago i did the same. I had my synths and was tweaking around, but now i want something really ambitious.

I am thinking about such artists like Camiel (unfortunately no recent releases from them) who had some really cool tracks, like that one attached for example.

Smoothjazz artists Brian Culbertson has some extremly wonderful Chillout-tracks like this one, one of my absolute favorites:

or Aandra's "Origin" album is really great:

i also love Fridrik Karlsson, he is the guitarist of the fazz/fusion band Mezzoforte, but he also makes relaxing Chillout music:

I am open for any further artists or whole albums. I noticed that mostly chillout-compilations like Buddha Bar or even the so popular Cafe del Mar are rather boring.
I have no idea where to look, maybe all the pros here can help me out.

Thanks a lot and keep on chillin'
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