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The native Java port of the Box2D physics engine
The native Java port of the Box2D physics engine

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New version soon!  Check out the new LiquidFun features.
JBox2d annoucement:  I've moved the project to Github, and I've ported the wonderful LiquidFun physics engine as well, so you get some awesome liquid particle physics now.  Check new new project page out here:

New release coming soon!  Other improvements:
* Better performance
* Better tests for testing perf changes
* Better drawing perf (and some other options soon)

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New version!
jbox2d version has just been released!  This is the first version of the java engine that feature matches Box2D 2.2.1.  Other than the new joints and shapes, the following Java-specific changes have happened:

- GWT support added by +Michael Bayne 
- Slightly more java-optimized broadphase (and ability to customize the broadphase strategy)
- org.jbox2d.profile package that contains tools for profiling the engine on different platforms or configurations

Future developments planned:
- Extract the non-gui code from the testbed project, for easier development of platform-specific code.
- Experimenting with other broadphase techniques that might be better suited for Java
- Further inlining of the contact solver

Also, thanks to +Deanna Surma for helping out

Branch: no branch yet, still in trunk:

Version 2.2.1 is almost done!  The trunk is now pretty stable and has almost all features of Box2D 2.2.1.  These are the things that are left:

*  Updates to the serialization library to support the new joints and shapes.
*  Inclusion of builders (patch pending from eppleton)
*  Rope joint
*  A few new testbed tests

Is there anything in particular you would like to see in this release?  Optimizations?  Structure changes?  New broadphase types? New serialization mediums?

jbox2d version has been released!  Among small fixes, changes include

- Fix for a major circle-polygon collision bug.
- Removal of SLF4J from the library to avoid dependency issues
- Small optimizations

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jbox2d version has just been released, with optimizations and the following bug fixes:

- fixed centroid calculation in PolygonShape
- fixed infinite recursion in DynamicTree in some edge cases

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