I have a 15 kg crate of organic sweet oranges. Anybody happens to have a not to time consuming recipe for sweet orange marmalade? Any other suggestions for orange based preserves? I am planning orange liqueur, candied orange peel, orange sugar and may be salt.
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You like the marmalade I make, don't you Leti?

For about 4.5kg or about 10lbs marmalade...
1.36kg (3lb) Seville (bitter) oranges (or navel) nothing too small, anyway!
2.7kg (6lb) sugar
2.8lt (5 pints) water
2 lemons
Remove the peel from the oranges and cut into thin strips or chunks.
Squeeze the juice and pips and any remaining pulp into a bowl.
Remove the pips and place them into a muslin bag, tie this to the handle of the saucepan (to prevent losing them!)
Place the peel, strained juice, pulp and water into a heavy based saucepan and cook gently for 2 hours or until the peel is tender.
Remove the bag with the pips squeezing throughly before discarding (clean rubber gloves might be good protection against the heat for this op!)
Add the sugar and juice & zest of the lemons stirring until the setting point is reached.
Skim the surface if necessary, allow to cool for about 8 mins before potting into sterilised hot jars.  
Stir to distribute peel evenly.
Do you mean sweet as in ordinary oranges, or sweet as in the small oranges like clementines, mandarins and such .... If they are ordinary oranges, then the recipe I gave you will work. You will have a HUGE amount of it though!  I double the above recipe and I'm SURROUNDED by marmalade!!  
Batches might be the answer here!  Oh, and ciao bella!  Andiamo per Florida La Domenica!!  Woop Woop!
ps, yes', it's regular oranges, Washington Navel. I know I will have a lot, but I make a lot of crostata too!
Then I expect to see a jar of marmalade at your place when we get back! ;-)
thank you +Elizabeth Minchilli that works! I have started the Talismano della felicità recipe for the moment, soaking the oranges in water for 3 days. Today orange liqueur, I am debating with myself if I should make pure orange or orange and lemon.
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