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Are the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets achievable?
CHILUFYA KASANDA writes: I’m a Zambian HIV prevention
advocate. My country is one of many that are the epicenter of the HIV/AIDS
epidemic. According
to UNAIDS , 1.2 million people are currently living with HIV in Zambia, yet just
over half are currently rec...

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We have penises! We have vaginas!
Stella Iwuagwu is in the wheelchair on the right LIZ MCGREGOR writes: In the staid lobby of the   Durban International Conference Centre, a
woman in a wheelchair is shouting: “I have a penis! I have a vagina! I have
sex!” Stella Iwuagwu, 47, from Lagos, is ...

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Who are these people who speak on my behalf?
NTOMBOZUKO KRAAI writes: For decades now, we have been discussing the issue of community involvement and community
participation. And sense of ownership. But who makes up this community? Is it a he a
she?  Is it a lawyer or a researcher who visits the commu...

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We need to urgently expand access to PrEP
JOHN MUTSAMBI writes: Despite having the biggest HIV epidemic in
the world, South Africa continues to make remarkable progress in the fight
against HIV and AIDS. The country has
become a hub of HIV prevention research and it has the largest antiretroviral

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Where are the grannies and the young people?
KINGSLEY CHASING writes:  I’m a newbie to the International AIDS Conference. I’ve followed the deliberations at previous conferences and always hoped that I
would get the opportunity to attend one. So, I was excited when the opportunity
came to attend AIDS ...

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There is so much for me to take home
GODFREY OOHING OKUMU writes: On 17th July, I started
my journey from Kenya to the AIDS2016 conference. The plane touched down in Durban
at 10:30 pm, and I embarked on a 45-minute journey to my hotel. I could hear
other delegates sharing their hopes and fear...

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Ambitious WHO and UNAIDS targets undermine quality and promote corruption in my country
from me outside? Oops, this is me outside the International AIDS conference. I
am having my breakfast at the local mall in Durban and I am thinking to myself
– ‘My country, Lesotho, is the second country to implement Test and...

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