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 I am not feeling good, because I lost.

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Eğitimin Sonu
 Hiçbir zaman sevmedim öğrenciliği ama hep sonuna kadar da savaştım onun için.  19 yıldır sevmediği şey için çaba sarf etmek...  Neden yaptım bunu bunca zamandır?  Neden kendimi bu kadar yıprattım?  Son demlerine geldiğim bu vakitte artık bulmuştum bu sorun...

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Tuhaf Düşünceler
 Popüler kültür, zamane şeyler, anlık hevesler...  Sizce de öyle değil mi, tüm bu sözcüklerin anlamı birbirini tamamlayan lego parçaları gibi?..  Bir an beğendimiz şeyler iki gün sonra çoktan unutulup gitmiş, hatırlanmak için en küçük bir çaba dahi yok..  G...

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Birthday's Power
 Hi again,  İstanbul's rainy days are still going on as my depression period as.  I really don't like dark rainy day. I think, it is enough!  Almost one week I have not gone anywhere because of it. So, many duties have called me a lot of time...  Finally, t...

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Precious Movie?
 Have you ever had a favorite movie which was you afraid of losing it? Because of it, you could not watch it over and over. Because, if you watch it you can get bored it. You don't want to lose its quality from your heart.  I have one  Which one is your fav...

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What do you think about happiness?
 I am not happy  Today, I was with myself and my thoughts. I have thought whole day about my future.. It is not easy to find answers. There are many ways to get finish. But I am just looking for my true way.  I have been delayed all this ideas until now. Yo...

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Friday Comments
 Hi again,  How was your Friday or how is it going there? Here, it's already Saturday. Luckily Friday is over.  For a few days, the weather was wonderful. Think, I was wearing my coat jacket! But this Friday I had to turn back to coat with the boats!  Apart...

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Hugh Jackman
Dear Hugh Jackman. I would like to say something about your last movie. Maybe those sentences won't have any mean for you. But it's very important for me. Because tonight, you made my precious disappointed. I have a brother. He is one of the biggest admirer...

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 I have lived many unforgetable memories.  They are all precious. I do not want to lose all from my brain. What can I do? Do you have any idea?  I just checked my old photos. I felt like I was very glad to live all those memories but at the same time I was ...

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Hello 👋
 Helloooooo  I know it's been really long time no see!  Did you  miss me?  I have always thought about you? But for some reason I could not write to you. Them most important reason was no to watch any movie. I have some Internet problems.  Anyway, if you di...
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