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Morrice Thomas
19, college student, piercings :)
19, college student, piercings :)

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Review!
Can you feel the excitement? The Galaxy S4 is about ready to launch and we got for you a full review. Enjoy! Written review:

Is the Galaxy S4 the best smartphone of all time?

#Samsung   #galaxys4  Feel free to +1 and share if you enjoyed!

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Feelin' grumpy.

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Whats going on tonight 

I haven't been on here in forever

Buying a iPhone 3gs tomorrow and unlocking it so I can use it with tmobile (:

Finally Google+ gets an update (:

If you get your taxes done at a place with a ghetto ass name mo money ....expect them to steal your money don't get mad when your refund is like $15 -__

I wonder who and why did they pick Madonna's old ass for the halftime show -__-
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