Sometimes, it's just outright painful to have so many friends that are developers.

I see these guys, many of them with full time jobs or a full College course load (or both, for that matter) who take their free time to try and create something. I've seen some of these guys work a 70 hours week, come home late on a Friday night with little more than a bottle of whiskey and a box of Rockstar Punched, knowing full well they won't sleep a wink this weekend because they have a problem they want to solve.

Most of these guys are just doing cool things for themselves, and they share it with us because they want to. Many of them don't charge for what they do, asking for little more than gratitude for their trouble. Some weeks, they get exactly that, a couple of honest "thank you" comments. Other weeks, and this seems to be more common than not recently, I see much worse.

Scumbags of the Internet, pay attention. You don't demand ETA's on shit you aren't paying for. You don't get angry when something doesn't work quite right on an Alpha or Beta build of something you didn't pay for. You don't start shooting off at the mouth about how you are going to move to someone else's free software if this developer doesn't fix the software you didn't pay for.

Get a hold of yourselves. Show some common fucking decency before you put fingers to keyboard next time. Remember that these guys are working for free, even the ones with a donation link. Nobody is making enough in donations to pay the bills. At best, they might make enough to get the next thing you want them to develop for. Your complaints, your aggressive behavior, your complete ignorance are not motivators to keep going. They are more than likely reason enough to put the keyboard down and just go catch the football game.
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