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Thanks +Yummly for some awesome ideas!
10 Unique Ways to Serve Poached Eggs for Brunch!

Get the recipes:
Photo: Polenta with Spinach, Sausage, & Poached Eggs from The Kitchn
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+Michelle Walker +David Martyniuk
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From the founder of, Happy Valentines Day.
Would you rather make out in the back seat with your sweetie or get arrested?

Don't drink & drive. Have fun in the back seat like I do.

I want to tell you about a service I use called Uber. Uber is "Everyone's Private Driver." Using their iPhone/Android App or SMS you can request a black car to your location, arriving in 5-10 minutes.

Payment is automatic with tax/tip included.

Using my invite link below, Uber will credit your account for $20 off your first ride.

Enter this invite code: m85wc

iPhone app:

Android app:

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We're very excited to be in Lifehacker today!

Here's the excellent article written by +Alan Henry!

#innovation   #cookingclasses   #chefhangout  
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what are you doing
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Hollandaise Sauce by our amazing chef +Mary Callan!
This hollandaise sauce is as foolproof as you're going to get.  As long as you own a blender it will work like a charm. Smooth and flavorful, you're going to be pouring this on everything.  I'm so glad it worked because I was in need of a bolstering breakfast after a tricky start to the day.  

I was drifting off into a contented sleep last night when daughter number three bust into the bedroom,

"Mum" she shrieked "you HAVE (?!) to take me to driver's ed tomorrow morning at 7am!"

"What! Where?" 

As it turned out a good thirty minutes drive from here.

"But that means we're going to have to get up at 6am and I've got up at 5:30am all week driving your sister into NYC for dance camp and it's Saturday morning and lets not forget it's summer and supposed to be restful!" I wailed.

Consoling myself with the thought that once she has actually passed driver's ed she'll be able to drive herself wherever she needs to go, I grumbled myself back to sleep.  6am arrived sooner than I thought possible and after a gallon or so of shockingly strong coffee I stumbled into the car. My daughter sat in the passenger seat glued to her phone, then she groaned, then she looked at me with a horrified expression on her face, then started giggling - GIGGLING!!

"Mum - don't flip out - I got the wrong day, it's starts on Monday!"

So I used the time to make hollandaise sauce from Simply Recipes and a couple of poached eggs. I didn't go for the traditional Eggs Benedict with the muffin and the ham but if you're inclined look no further than here. 

Easy Hollandaise Sauce.

Recipe adapted from Simply Recipes

10 tablespoons unsalted butter
Pinch of salt
1 tablespoon lemon juice
3 egg yolks.

Melt the butter.

Blend the eggs, lemon juice and salt very well until the eggs have become light in color.

Pour the melted butter in a thin stream, into the egg mixture with the blender on until fully emulsified.

That's it!!

Now I'm off to take my daughter driving!
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+jSusana Rodriguez pues que esperas para aprender?
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Black Bean Falafel Tacos with Salsa and Fruity Avocado Salad

Taught by +Mary Helen Leonard using Google Hangouts, while you cook along with our chef, from the comfort of your own kitchen!

Click here today for details:

First, we'll prepare a delicious fresh salsa made with crisp jicama, sweet corn, and tart lime and tomato.  Next, we'll put together an easy Avocado Salad full of unexpected flavors that will absolutely delight your taste buds. Then, she'll show you how to create delicious black bean patties that you can use to fill tacos, top salads, or stuff burritos.

#cookingclasses   #chefhangout   #tacos  
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Very Tasty Looking 
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Rainbow Heirloom Tomato Pizza!

What an amazing creation +Heather Christothoulou! Fantastic work!

And, thank you +Sommer Collier for the share! It's truly gorgeous!
In awe of the gorgeous rainbow of colors on this Heirloom Tomato Pizza from +Heather Christothoulou! (Almost) too pretty to eat!

recipe: #pizza #heirloomtomatoes #rainbow #colors
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Amazing. ..
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Outstanding idea!

This would be so cool!

Thanks for sharing this idea +Amanda Blain!
A  Digital Cutting Board - A Chefs Dream Come True

This totally awesome prototype cutting board will tell you how much the food weighs, pull up YouTube or recipes, is washable, and tells you that it is sanitized from food contamination!

Why yes.. I would like you in my Kitchen. Now. Come on Technology now your talking! Make this a reality!

#technology   #food    #gadgets   #cuttingboard   #technologytuesday   #ab  
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It's the greatest idea 
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Pan Seared Chicken Breasts in a Mushroom Cream Sauce

Please join our wonderful chef +Mary Callan in this class that's selling fast. Get your seat while seats remain.

October 15 at 6:00 pm CST.

Click here for more info:
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A very popular tasty dish
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What a fantastic dairy-free frosting!

Super work +Janice Mansfield!

Thank you!
Easiest dairy-free chocolate frosting ever!

Trust me!  This is one of those things where once you know your basic techniques, you can vary the inputs and come up with something pretty fantastic.  Whipped dairy-free chocolate ganache made with 2 (count-em, 2!) ingredients: chocolate and coconut milk.

I like to use a coconut milk without added stabilizers - ArroyD is one brand that is fairly inexpensive, and doesn't have added guar or xantham gum. or if you're really ambitious, you can make your own. (but really sometimes, its nice to just be able to pull a tin out of the pantry!)

Use a dairy-free chocolate such as Enjoy Life, which comes in teeny chips so you don't even have to chop! (OR if you're feeling especially indulgent, you can get some bean to bar chocolate (Mast Brothers makes a 2kg bar, Valhrona makes pastilles, and my friends Marisa and Kent produce some great ones under the +organicfair brand)

Heat your coconut milk til it is boiling (you can go a bit hotter on this than you might with heavy cream).  Pour the hot coconut milk over an equal weight of chocolate  ...  1 tin = 400 grams, so simply measure out 400 grams chocolate in a heatproof bowl.

Cover, and let stand 10 mins, then gradually whisk the whole shebang together.  It will get lovely and dark and glossy as you do.

The trick here is doing this ahead of time enough that the ganache cools and starts to become thick and firm-ish before you start to whip it.  On a hot day, I'll cheat and stash in the freezer for 30-45 minutes.  You should get something stable enough to pipe onto cupcakes, or fill the inside layers of a cake (if you do the latter, chill each layer as you go,

#protip   #kitchentips   #dessert   #chocolate   #yourewelcome   
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Looks really good,© thanks """ 
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From our fantastic +Chef Dennis Littley, check out Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms and be sure to circle him!

Absolutely fantastic!
If you've never had Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms you don't know what you're missing!  They are little bites of heaven...sigh

Follow the link for the recipe:

#zucchiniblossoms   #askchefdennis   #italianrecipes  
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eta hoiloguya amago chauler gura diya kumraaphool bhaja
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Cooking Classes via Google+ Hangouts in the Comfort of Your Own Kitchen!

For years, the ordinary way to learn how to cook has been to watch a family member or friend, watch TV or a video, go to a local cooking class, or of course, read a cookbook.  It’s a new world and today there’s a new way.

Welcome to where you’ll meet chefs from all over the planet as they lead cooking classes via Google+ Hangouts, where up to 10 people, can talk face to face, via their webcams.  Learn our chefs’ skills, their recipes, their techniques and do it without even leaving your home.  Here you’ll find value that just isn’t achievable anywhere else.  Nowhere can you find so many chefs, all under one virtual roof, ready to share their skills with you in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Imagine joining your friends, your mother, your son or daughter, wherever they may be, to join you with a chef, and imagine learning how to make something amazing, with them. Imagine it.  It’s possible and today, it’s here.  And, after the chef leaves, feel free to stick around, and have dinner with them kitchen to kitchen no matter where they may be.  That's amazing.

Browse through our wonderful chefs, and check out their incredibly diverse offering of classes.  Find one that suits you, buy it, and then, show up, ingredients ready, and enjoy yourself in a truly transformative experience.

Thank you for visiting! You’re embarking on a revolutionary way of engaging online, and you as a customer will be a pioneer alongside our chefs, as you learn from and interact with them, and enjoy a truly magical experience in your own kitchen.