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True story. Anyone else?

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I wrote something today

#Humour   #MumWars  

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New post - a review with a spot of humour

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Have you ever wanted to eliminate a sibling, but don't want to upset them? Luckily for you, Miss 4 has the solution...

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Literal Descriptions of Pre-School TV Shows
I'm very happy to
report that 100% of my children are no longer pre-schoolers. This means that
Caillou is officially dead to me. Along with his friends Barney, Dora, and any
other muppet/animated hellion whose theme songs have made it impossible for me
to r...

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I wrote a little something today because I needed to do something more interesting than watching to see whether my washing was going to be blown off the line. Now I'm finished writing I can go back to playing the exciting game of "will the peg hold in that gust?"

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Environmental concerns or a fear of what might end up in my crack - you decide...

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I think I may have reached that age...

Being spontaneous is all well and good until you take your kids swimming without checking that you're not well overdue for a shave first.

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Have you ever wondered what I get up to in bed at 6am?
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