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So, Diaspora is essentially Google+ with .gif Avatars?

You know when you get a kitchen designer to design your kitchen you'd think that they would design your kitchen. Rather than making something not really that similar to what you asked for or wanted. Good thing I wasn't doing anything else this evening really. 

From the visionary genius @petermolydeux a trailer for his new game believe
I believe. 

Any know of a native (non-cross compiling) C/C++ compiler for Android?
I keep trying to find one but just keep finding references to using the NDK.

I want there to be an option for things to be visible to me.
I just added a profile pic to G+ and now my mug is staring at me from every google page :( Really I just want the pic on G+

Cool, so it just took me 28minutes to do what I thought was a 9 mile ride.
No I've not turned into a world class cyclist overnight, it was actually 9km.
Still 5.7miles in 28mins is an average of 12.4mph which I reckon is actually quite good. :)

Hurrah, bike had it's 6 week service(finally), and I managed not to spend a small fortune in the process. Did have a great chat with the guys at Mike Vaughan while it was being serviced, and I've got a shopping list of things for when I can afford them. :D
SPD pedals, shoes, some more road based tyres, a computer.

I am going to set up a restaurant with +Jonathan Evans Best thing ever.

Wow, hopefully sometime soon everyone in my circles will get used to there being an iOS app and stop announcing it ;) 
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