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Googler and family dude.
Googler and family dude.

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Please don't change #BlackLivesMatter to #AllLivesMatter - I already know my life matters, thanks. I understand there is plenty of data to prove police aren't racist, but that doesn't change the fact that my Muslim friends worry about being unfairly detained or searched whenever they travel or that anybody raising a black child will have to give "the talk" about how to survive any encounter with police, and constantly worry that the talk isn't enough.

It's a complicated problem with no clear villian or solution, but when you post #AllLivesMatter you are going to be seen as trivializing these very dire concerns by making them equivalent to the pedestrian problems of my middle class silicon valley life, trying to lose weight and bickering with my family - even though that's probably not what you really intend to say.

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Why does nobody say "fantabulous" any more? I'm bringing it back. It's going to be ginormous.

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Forget 1985, here's an "epoch" tale of time travel #programming #webcomic #software #comic #funny #1970

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In my copious spare time, I'm drawing comics. This one's about something I learned when I started working about 20 years ago.

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People Finder is available via SMS from Nepal and India: simply text “search <name>” to 6040 in Nepal (toll free), +91.977.330.0000 from India or Nepal or +1.650.800.3978 in the U.S.
Our deepest sympathies for the people affected by the earthquake in Nepal. We're making calls to Nepal only 1c a minute for the next week using Google Voice, Hangouts (including Hangouts Dialer), and Gmail. And remember, from Nepal (and everywhere else we offer service), calls to the US and Canada are free, and are only 1c to India.

You can read more about what Google is doing in response to the Nepal earthquake below.

Happy 411 day. I still remember paying 25 cents to have a nearby human look up a phone number for me. Before one of my first dates with my future wife, I called for the number of Doña Ester restaurant and the operator said, "Oh, you'll love it there! Have a great time!"

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No child deserves to get measles, but I can't help thinking Disney is being punished for furthering the career of anti-vaccine star Jenny McCarthy with roles on The View, New Year's Rockin' Eve, Donnie Loves Jenny...

I told my daughters that "All About That Bass" isn't a positive song because a healthy body image isn't about having what "boys like ... to hold at night" and using the B word to refer to women who don't look like you.

Next Christmas I'll give them the talk about Baby It's Cold Outside. #DownerDaddy
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