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Glen Murphy
Head of UX for Android, Chrome, and ChromeOS
Head of UX for Android, Chrome, and ChromeOS

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I had two spots of bad luck with my appendix and then bowels, so I spent most of my Australian vacation in a hospital bed. So that future-me can remember what happened, I wrote up my experience.

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Sounds like fake meat tasting as good as real meat could be available within a decade (with the first products available in 2015). Once perfected, fake meat will be healthier, cheaper, better for the environment (much less green house grass emissions), and just as tasty as real meat.

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Just realized that Halt and Catch Fire is probably as close as I'm going to get to a TV story about my parents - computer engineers in the early 80s working at Texas Instruments who balanced work and life and attempted to build computers and the software that ran on them.

And here I was thinking it was the story of my son's parents - a nerdy dishevelled man working in tech and his smarter wife who does all the work and solves all the problems while he forgets things and stares out the window.

I'm only five episodes into the first season, and though the acting feels a little out of phase with the script, I think it's quite good - it's like an episodic and fictional take on Pirates of Silicon Valley.

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"An ant mill is an observed phenomenon in which a group of army ants separated from the main foraging party lose the pheromone track and begin to follow one another, forming a continuously rotating circle. The ants will eventually die of exhaustion."

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Signs you are a dad: you read this thread and it's the funniest thing you've read all week.

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Lauren and I are super chuffed to be a nano-second part of the Tetris 30th anniversary video; you can see us in our costumes at about 0:50. Tetris has been a huge part of my gaming life ever since the early 90s when I woke up one morning in Thailand to find my mother still glued to the Famicom, having spent the night demolishing everyone's high scores.

Original photo is here:

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As the summer weather has rolled in, dressing Ethan in the morning has often required me to do some complicated phone or watch shenanigans to figure out how I should dress him - hard when you're holding a squirming one-year-old. So for a very quick programming-Wednesdays project to explore some new and interesting products, I hooked up a Spark Core to an +Adafruit Industries  bicolor LED Matrix and wrote something to make it display the current forecast.

* The Spark web-based edit and deployment system is overall great - I can leave the thing plugged into the wall and use any computer to make changes and reflash it remotely. This reduced the friction for quick edits and updates immensely.

* Because Spark is a new platform, people are still figuring the basics out - some people are writing libraries to do HTTP fetching and JSON parsing, but they're a little rough.

* The Spark hardware is great - I've been in search of the perfect Arduino, and had settled on the Pro Micro until I found the Spark - though it costs a little more, it's small, capable, and the built-in wifi changes everything.

* I need to make an enclosure.

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