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This week's #askdistilled  topic is: "Challenges of agile SEO".

Are you a start-up? Do you have difficulties marrying effective SEO techniques, whilst remaining agile and responsive to the market? Get your questions in today for help from us. Either post them below or email
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Where are answers of last Question Round ?!? is it on distilled blog?
Rifat R
Now every kind of link is almost bad link. Good links are natural link (people add link as example). So only old and big sites can get this what about small or new sites?
Want to know 5 important things for startup .. when it has very tiny budget for #seo #socialmedia #inboundmarketing etc !! 
Hey +Tyson Stevens - this presentation by +Jonathon Colman gives a good overview of Agile SEO -

What we mean by "Agile SEO" is the ability to change tactics and capabalities as Google moves. How do you change your linkbuilding capabilities post-Penguin? How do you scale unique content while keeping costs low? Essentially, it is the ability to speed up changes to methodology so that you are able to get more done, quicker.
Nice. Thanks for the Slideshare and definition!
Hey everyone! What's your biggest challenge when it comes to getting things done for clients (is it education? Speed? Cost?)? How do you try to get around these obstacles?
Questions for this round are now closed, thanks for those that came in via email too. We'll be getting the videos recorded and posted for you on Thursday. 
Sorry for the delay on the videos this week, we're having a few technical issues our end. Will keep you posted when we have a clearer idea of what's going on.
no problem, thanks for updating.. thought I am really waiting for it ;)
I am sorry to say we have had a "terminal" sound quality issue this week so we're going to have to rerecord our responses. Sorry for the delay, we'll hopefully get it sorted sharpish and have them for you next week. 
thats all right.. just post a link on this thread.... whenever it is ready.. thumbs up for great work..
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