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Final #askdistilled  this week so make sure you get your Q's in.

The final topic is: 
"Challenges with content and the creative process"

Questions below or emailed to

P.S. We're re-recording the answers to last week's questions too and will post all the responses to last and this week on Thursday - sorry for the delay, we had gremlins in our sound equipment
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Hi, How do you get around the issues of creating quality, "interesting" content for niches which are to say the least less than interesting? We seem to struggle with keeping the momentum going without repeating ourselves when working with clients in seriously dull niches.

P.S Final   #askdistilled  :( boooo
Thanks +Rich Voller, we'll pass it on. 

Agreed re: last week, frustrating for all but we'll get it sorted for this week we promise.
sorry, mean't boo to it being the final #askdistilled  
Keep the questions coming for the team - what challenges do you face on content and the creative process. Get some tips and advice from the Distilled team on your curent issues. 
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