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Your source for the best The Elder Scrolls info.

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Did you know that #UESP has a number of tools to help you plan your #ESO build? Check out our Champion Point Browser: and our Skill Browser: Most useful of all is our Build Editor:

Dave is currently working on more tools and an Alchemy Calculator will be ready very soon!

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The Homestead Update is now live on ESO for the PC/Mac version! Do you know which house you plan on purchasing first? We can help you decide:
Patch notes are here:

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Soon, we shall return to the Ash of Red Mountain.

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#Elder #Scrolls #Online players, look out for the first #ESO Live of 2017 this afternoon!

Broadcasting at 3pm Eastern/8pm GMT on

The website claims that the programme will include:
* Official ESO news and updates
* Update 13 balance discussion with Creative Director Rich Lambert and Lead Combat Designer Eric Wrobel
* Player Housing chat with Lead Systems Designer Phil Draven and Systems Designer Mandi Parker
* How key art is created with Senior Artist Lucas Slominski
* Exciting giveaways during the show!

@baratron (+baratrongirl) will be there representing #UESP, and will report back on the exciting news!

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A sequel to last week's video, @baratron shows you around the UESP Guildhall ( ).

We return to Forsaken Stronghold in Bangkorai to see the artifacts placed outside. Obtained from the Accolate and Achievement Vendors, these all require having certain Achievements in game.

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Here's a video for those interested in the potential of Elder Scrolls Online Update 13, #Homestead. The pre-furnished houses are well designed but not very exciting, since they contain only items of the same style as the house itself. Housing becomes much more interesting once you start mixing different furniture styles together, and adding special items which may be purchased for gold only once your character has certain Achievements in-game.

This large house might be where UESP members live in Tamriel while they are researching the wiki.

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Thank you all for helping us reach over 200 members on our Discord server! We couldn't have done it without your support. if you haven't joined yet, here's a link to do so:

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"Hi, I'm Todd Howard here at #Bethesda Games Studios, and we're excited to announce that yes, #Skyrim is coming to the #Nintendo #Switch."

"We love to make games in worlds you can get lost in, that you can make your own, and that you never want to put down."

"Well, now you don't have to. Now you can play Skyrim wherever you want and take it on your own adventures."

"And what's really exciting is for all of us at Bethesda to finally work with Nintendo. You look at all they've done for video games over the decades. They've brought so much innovation and fun to all of us."

"And they're doing it again. The Switch is both classically Nintendo yet something all-new. And we want to thank them for letting us be a part of it."

Todd's speech starts at 1h 17 minutes 30 seconds into the stream on the official Nintendo YouTube channel. 

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Pictured: an image from CNN's upcoming report on a recent archeological dig that recovered long lost artifacts from norse warriors.
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