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Featured image! Arooooo! Our latest featured image brings out the beast inside.

Did you know Tamriel is home to werewolves, werelions, werebears, wereboars, and werevultures? Oh yes! (No weremudcrabs, though.)
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+Malcolm Wheeler In the lore, but not in any of the games yet
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Featured article! The wiki's current feature is on Isran, leader of the Dawnguard! Did you know they originally started in the Second Era?

What side did you pick: vampires or Dawnguard?
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Dawnguard all the way. They got the coolest armor.
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Upcoming TESO content! The Elder Scrolls Online has announced its first adventure zone: Craglorn, a mysterious place where the constellations have disappeared from the sky, and new beings called celestials, taking the names of the traditional constellations, have appeared in their absence.

If you could create your own zone, where in Tamriel would it take place?
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Join us! Planning on diving into TES Online? Feel free to connect to UESP! After all, who doesn't want to roll with the United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits? (Yeah, we went there.)

Details about the UESP ESO Guild can be found here: | Feel free to share your experiences with us! (Photo by forum user Alarra.)
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+Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages, so did you find the songs?
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Get ready for Tamriel in the Second Era! The Elder Scrolls Online opens for all PC players this week and has already opened for early subscribers. We're going to spend this week walking you through some of the features of the UESP's new Online section of the wiki and forums!

First up: check out the game's main page for a quick run down of what's what!
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Featured Image! As the new Featured Image reminds us, sometimes the answer to a problem is a little chaos...
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She messed the room up! Needs organization !
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Update Important news for console players. Read all about it.
Read a new announcement regarding ESO’s availability on the PS4 and Xbox One:
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A crushing blow. I was starting to get pretty excited with the upcoming release date, though I'm glad they don't want to release it in a buggy state.
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Did you know... Daggerfall (The Elder Scrolls 2) is the only game in the main series where you don't start out as a prisoner? You start out as the friend of Emperor Uriel Septim instead.

What's your best story for why your character was in prison prior to being the hero?
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I killed one of the Emperor's Heirs...
With a sweet roll...
To the knee.
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We're watching you... Or, at least, listening to you! Tell us, G+ fans: what content do you want the UESP page to share for you? Got lore questions? Got game questions? Want to know what we think about The Elder Scrolls Online? Want to share your screenshots for fame and glory?

This is webmaster Avron. Hit me with your questions and suggestions! Meanwhile, here's a screenshot from our forum staffer, Alarra!
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Bryce D
Thanks. Im following the elder scrolls online.
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Featured Image! The wiki's newest featured image is the first from The Elder Scrolls Online! Are you enjoying Tamriel this weekend? What features or areas would you like UESP to explore with the newest game? Let us know!
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+Pete Gowdy That's fair enough. I don't mind the current inventory amount because it forces me to make decisions about what I'm going to store and what I need to use to make space. I think unlimited storage space would make choosing and collecting the right materials and using them correctly a little less important.
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Featured Article The wiki's current Featured Article takes us through more mysteries of the ancient Dwemer, this time in Skyrim. Which of the three artifacts from the Aetherium Forge did your hero call their own?

Read the article here:
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I chose aetherial crown 
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Meet UESP! This weekend's +The Elder Scrolls Online beta is all about your friends - so come meet ours! We'd like to introduce you to wiki patroller Nocte Canticum in our latest UESP Community Interview! His favorite Elder Scrolls game? "Morrowind."

Read more here:
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