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YLOD struck tonight...and I don't know if the Hair-Dryer trick is legit. Can anyone confirm or deny? I just really want to get my saved-game stuff off.... sad
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Full power down and leaving it off for a few hours is what cured the only YLOD I ever had about a year ago on my old 80gig
I'll give that a shot....gonna be ready with the zip drive...just want to get a few files....damn....Skyrim beat that machine fast, lol.
No luck. Ended up having to get a new one...gonna sell the old for parts. It's a bummer, but I'll survive.
It is painful @ times to be a gamer. Did you hear you can trade any system/game @ Best Buy and get a gift card for ANYthing in the store? Gamestop has competition now.
Yeah, I called a couple places...they said they wouldn't take the YLOD ps3. That's fine, and understandable...I unloaded games with old saves that I won't start again, and got a little trade-in, and saw on eBay that ppl buy systems for about 50 bucks. 
Oh yea you should have no issue gettin rid of that. It'll be a server on some tech's wall soon enough,lol
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