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Blog Presentation
 Dear blog readers: Hi readers with this blog I have improved my writing skills.
I have better usage of vocabulary; I can type better and faster. It was a
challenge at the begging of the year to write something new and post just
talking about music. I thoug...

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Dear blog reader
        Dear blog readers, With the blog y writing skills have
improved. I am better at doing book responses and better with my vocabulary.
Doing this project it has let me express what I feel for music it has helped me
understand many new things in life. W...

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Afro Reggae
Afro Reggae In Brazil children are using music which is one of their
country's best strength to fight their country's greatest shortcomings:
poverty, racism, and police violence. The musicians are part of Grupo Cultural
Afro Reggae which empowers children f...

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Book responce
The Doors Artistic Vision book The novel the Doors Artistic vision is by Doug Sundling. The
novel was published in 1996. This novel relates how a boy loved a member of a
band. The young boy was only 16. He was a fan of Jim Morrisons and he died
shortly afte...

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Self Selected Response
New songs on the Radio (Taste of country) It has been a long time since I have heard country, but I almost listen to the radio everyday. I listen to the radio because I git tired of listening to my own music. Some of the songs played I don't really Know the...

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Book Response
Listening Out Loud: Becoming a Composer Elizabeth Swados's book, "Listening Out Loud: Becoming a Composer(1988)," explains how the life of a composer is and all you need to be a great composer. Swados relates how she became a composer. Swados's purpose is t...

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Gangnam Style inspiration Psy is a 34 old man he is from South Korean is known as Psy.
Psy was meant to be short for psycho. He has been a star sensation in Korea for
several years.  The song Gangnam Style
made as a Korean pop song by Psy has made over 400 ...

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Passion Blog
Since I was younger I liked the music hip-pop and rap. I enjoyed seeing movies about street dances. I would like to hear how to dance, but I think it will take me a long time to learn. Also, it looks easy, but it is really hard. Street dancing takes a lot o...

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English  version While talking to me and I looked at you,  time stopped in the middle instantly:  love called me and I obey.  While you whispered to me and I loved you,  feelings rose,  sent to your voice,  the sky was visible in your eyes,  and pronounced ...

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Short Story
Once upon a time there was a young girl who was in love. There was one thing that wouldn't work out because the guys were famous. She has liked them for a really long time and finally she got some tickets to go and see them she is even going to make a shirt...
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