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The Beauty of Mathematics

Sure, you don't think you're looking at anything mathematical, but in photography we use "long exposure" to record motion in a unique way, for example this waterfall. But the long exposure is also directly showing you "integration", a term you might know from calculus, in a photo. The rock is basically a constant, but the water is getting "summed" over time, and for me the result is exquisite. The fact that YOU can imagine this process is testimony to how your brain can perform summations/integration just as long as you don't called it mathematics.

The association of things mathematical with engineering is so unfortunate in the sense that the essential beauty of math is found in nature and in abstraction, not in things manufactured (although these might be impressive in a completely different way).

I also am saddened when millions of dollars are spent on complex visualizations for "education" that produce eye candy which feeds short term entertainment more than basic discovery. I believe that sort of teaching technique simply reinforces the educational boundaries and barriers between the disciplines of science, mathematics, and the arts.

I'll be travelling and offline again for a while, but I'll catch y'all later, have a great week!

#ScienceSunday +ScienceSunday by +Allison Sekuler +Robby Bowles

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