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Galveston Real Estate
Realtor, mom, love my island!
Realtor, mom, love my island!


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SharkBoyHunter at a rig shark fishing in his kayak

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5/4/2 in the heart of Galveston. Minute4s from the beach. Pool and hot tub.

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SharkBoyHunter goes fishing on his 11th bday

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SharkBoyHunter doing a story on Fox26 news on Houston regarding shark tagging and conservation. Check out he video and news report from last night on his Facebook SharkBoyHunter. Also on YouTube under SharkBoyHunter or paragod28
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Please consider sharing my sons story with others as he works with NOAA to help save sharks. He studies them via a kayak and his videos can be found under or at YouTube under paragod28. He can be followed on Facebook and twitter under SharkBoyHunter. He is a 10n year old who wants to make a difference.

Please consider subscribing to my son Youtube channel at paragod28
His adventures fishing outdoors and tagging sharks for NOAA have become very popular.

Also if you would consider liking SharkBoyHunter on Facebook or Twitter we would appreciate it since we want to continue to spread the word about ocean conservation, saving sharks, and getting our children OUTDOORS.

My son also has high functioning Autism so I would love parents to see the hope that if they do find the thing that motivates their child it is the best therapy in the WORLD.

Please consider spreading the word for my 10 year old.

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This was one of my sons last trips with his grandfather. Make everyday count and this was certainly a special trip thanks to the wonders of Seaworld and Aquatica

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Surf Fishing for BIG BULL SHARKS, catch and release.

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My all time favorite video. Featured on CNN, ABC, CNN, etc. This shows my sons true passion for animals and how we should respect their playground.

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The video that started SharkBoyHunter's adventures. As sen on GMA, Fox and Friends, and worldwide when it went viral. Follow us on Facebook under SharkBoyHunter and Twitter as well. Saving sharks is my sons passion.
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