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omg you guys (idk if anyone knows/remembers me)
It's been so long since I've been on here, maybe almost a year woahhh

Anyway, I was looking through old posts and stalking (don't judge) and I saw all the posts with Hoon, Chloe, N, Ash, Rainy, and omgggg I felt so nostalgic
I remember all the RPs and dances and competitions.
I also saw & remember the little Get Well Soon Hoon did for me & all the nice things people said, I miss it too much.
idk why im saying this this community is probably filled with new people lol

But I just wanted to say I'm gonna try to be more active now!! Yes, I really mean it. It's been too long :( +Hoon Kim 

omg it's been so long since I've been on ;-;

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8 years 😂

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my new favorite picture on the Internet 

It's been a long time.
Anyone can join, +Hoon Kim +Megan Miller

I sit on a bench in Paris, searching the Internet for any leads on Mogadorian sightings.

Name: Josh Williams
Pass ID: JW14
Drachmas: 400 or 500 (i think?)

Open to Hecate kids!
I sit on the couch inside the Hecate cabin, reading an old spellbook while I wait for my siblings to show up. I called a meeting, as counselor, (i think unless Hoon changed counselors then oops sorry) to try to get an old Hecate tradition up and running again. I also wanted to hold this meeting to meet my new siblings who got claimed when I was away.

Open! (People I know/mostly know please. :))
I walk around camp, drinking coffee and looking at everybody training and different things happening when...

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(creds to the same person)

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she's such a good actress I can't 
(creds to the same person)
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