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Would you like Google+ updates from us during race weekends?
Or would they spoil the results if you're not watching the action live?
Let us know!
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Updates would be great for those who can't watch the live action.
Give us some updates from the team stuff we don't see or hear on the coverage.
I think with the amount of social media around now it's almost impossible to not know the result of a race if you don't watch it live. So up dates via Google+ would be another welcome stream.
oh, that's a tough one, especially now that not all the races are shown live. I think yes, we can always choose to not look at them if we don't want to see until the highlights are on later. When the race is live the RBR G+ updates would just add to the experience.
No race news for a day or two after the event please!
Would be great to follow it live here. It's on Twitter/FB anyways so why not Google+?
sounds good. i'm for :)
yes! Update and behind the scene !
It would be great to have some "not on the air" info ;)
The Red Bull Spy on G+ would be great extra info
+1 for updates. BTS coverage would be sweet too!
I have stopped watching F1 because all of you took part in the Bahrain(dictators) GP. You did not even speak out against it where are your ethics? Shame on you!
By all means, go ahead. I have to be careful which social media I consume when I'm not watching the races live anyway. But I usually watch live :)
I second +Justin Gee! We want team updates here. Race updates are available everywhere.
You could give the race updates, just place spoiler alert. :-)
Yes, updates and information about what you guys are doing during the race would be very welcome. Even some technical discussion would be great...teach me something!
Because of the 9 hour time difference to Europe I rarely watch the action live. So for me it would spoil it. But I'm avoiding any news source including Google+ until I've watched it anyway.
Would definitely like updates on G+. There is a big #f1 community on here that discusses the events of the Grand Prix weekend as they happen.
Give us a link to the results so those of us who cant watch the practice sessions due to prior commitments or a provider who is rugby obsessed (31 guys chasing a ball in the mud, yeah thats fun 2 watch) and delays FP's all the time, and sometimes even qualifying.
I would love them, but it seems in Australia we no longer get live coverage so it would ruin it.
I never miss a race, and now especially with the timing app on my phone. So bring on the updates!
+Tom Need Network ten released a media statement to say all states would get it live. Mark made a strong statement via twitter and the Aussie fans seemed a little upset at last Sundays timing.
+Matt Clayton Ahhh, thats awesome!, had to ignore my overseas friends for a few hours last race :)
Fans downunder have to get up in the middle of the night in our winter to watch races most of the season and get through it, the brits have to do that a couple of times a season and still cry about it.
Ok, you're on. We'll try it out for the Spanish GP!
Cool! Look forward to it now the races will be on at sensible times - likely to be watching live.(not a morning person) :)
great seeing the updates, can we please have more?
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