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Shawn Juarez
You can find me with a pen and paper writing something
You can find me with a pen and paper writing something

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This is how I deal with my Sundays and Mondays.
Hello, fellow fans of Sword art Online! I am new here and i just wanted to say hi!
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Tried the cold brew with Vanilla creme. Have to say not bad, was out with my mom today and got her a drink aswell.

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Went to the fair this past Thursday.

Home relaxing and getting things ready for fall quarter of School. 

Today was a struggle didn't sleep well and work made it worse. But I bought one fall tea blend from #Teavana Apple spice, I have to say I am loving it. 

Just got off work and now just relaxing for a bit.

Started my Saturday off slow but manage to turn it around by watching Daredevil on Netflix. I have to say that the show is worth binge watching , In other news just sitting around waiting for Ghost adventures to watch with the family.  Also past weekend went to Sakura-con  and it wasn't as good as the past ones I have been too.

How do I leave this community?

So this week is my first week with my family on vacation for 2 and half weeks. I been working and trying to catch up on some anime.

Hello new to steam. I've like to make friends to game with and socialize more. I also have p3 and we can game there. I hope talk with you all.
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