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Bug report, in the Aeterna campaign i have repeatedly tried to add a Character named Worgen, it refreshes the screen but the new character is not made, i have even tried adding a different character and renaming it, unsuccessfully. 

Bug Report, i notice some numbers dont like to go into the Year box, so far the only ones i have been able to repeatedly not get a change out of are "-1" and "-2000" but i haven't extensively tried other numbers, more random numbers like "-2032" seem to work just fine

Ah another idea for feature. Perhaps in connections a sort of "also known as" section where alternate names can be used for the same thing so that descriptions can auto link to them easier? For example "Cirrus of the Hidden Skyhold" could be entered to also register as just "Cirrus"

Just wondering if i have a disease prominent in my campaign, what is the best way to connect it? should i make it an item or would it be better as a note or an event?

Hi there, first post! Feature idea.

Perhaps adding a zoom feature for the maps? I don't know if that is feasible with the pins and whatnot but I use large maps with high resolution and many locations, and i like to use the world map a lot. Thank you for considering my suggestion and i have to say I really like the system, I'm horribly unorganized and this is helping a lot so far.
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