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If you like cute animals in sweaters & need a reason to visit Scotland, look no further
via boingboing

I backed a board game project on Kickstarter awhile back. It has been severely delayed. What follows are the contents of the update email I just received. Enjoy:

The spiritual side of this has been calming down a lot in the last month or two, as we've been working through some of the more complex details behind the spiritual plasma attacks that have been trying to destroy me since 2008.

I actually feel confident that I've been able to figure out pretty much everything that I needed to, and the record in my journals is a full enough account of things that its now just a waiting game on my part before all the cascades go out and the attacks on me end completely.

For anyone that is concerned about the game: the game is finished, the supplies are 95% bought. It's all in climate controlled storage, and I'm just waiting for an opportunity to print up the cards. Which is something I couldn't do because of the harassment.

Basically, the US Navy has been putting up transmitter systems all over the place, to control the plasma transition, so that it can try to use information as a weapon. Apparently, I recorded some things in my game that were a reference to Navy weapons, without knowing that... and so I became one of their targets. 

I am mostly trying to help educate them and others about these issues in my journal, which has been going alright... for the most part.

Apologies on the delays, as always. This is has been far more frustrating to me than to any of you. You may be fearing that you've lost some money (you haven't, the game is still happening, just delayed), but I've been afraid that I've lost everything in my life, including my eternal soul, when I started getting attacked.


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Like Battlestar Galactica? Maybe you'll like Blood and Chrome
"Episode 1" - Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

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I was mocked for saying robit. Here's Asimov saying it that way while explaining the 3 Laws. Isaac Asimov: The Three Laws of Robotics via howtogeek

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CEO: Copier's not working
ME: *Power on
CEO: you've got the touch
Awkward silence
Stan Bush - The Touch [Transformers]

"Since I don't have work & not going to the gym, I'll go jog outside. In a hurricane." Kids, this is what exercise does to your brain

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Like Space Piloting Sims? Well I don't care because I do.

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Just signed up for my first 8k race.
Stop me before I kill (myself) again!!!

Saturday, November 17 at 7:30 am
To finish 15 minutes later when I die of exhaustion & frostbite
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