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Thoughtful, Ignorant, Caring, Truthful, Adventurious, Lascivious, Funny, Driven, Composed, Logical
Thoughtful, Ignorant, Caring, Truthful, Adventurious, Lascivious, Funny, Driven, Composed, Logical

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How to Fix WarFrame for Vet’s and Noobs alike.

Let me first start off by saying i”m a day 1 ps4 Mr23 and counting Tenno, War is the only weapon i will not have until it ceases to be pay to play ( you can not own war and broken war with out spending plat ) and I’m not giving up my broken war.

I Love warframe but in it’s current state it’s Broken for vet’s like me. With little or nothing to do daily log tallies become the only reason check in so you can build to the elusive log in weapons. I’ve got more money than i can spend I have no desire to haggle for plat in the trade chat and I’ve got relic’s out the wazoo so ducats flow like water. Outside of events and hunting down prime parts there is little to do for those of us who have literally done it all. I’m going to discuss a few things that you may or my not agree with so feel free to chime in.

WarFrame needs to be open world. Each planet should be an expanse that you can traverse and each and node that currently exists on the planet would be a base or outpost on that world. Arc wing could be implemented for travel on the ground and also used as heavy artillery. So as not to allow the wing to be OP there would be a fuel cost for using it while on the planets surface as well as limited munitions. This way your not just flying around blowing shit up ( maybe you could even convert it into some kind of ninja hover bike ). Ordis could recall and replenish your wing but you would have to farm the resources to create the fuel and cash the ammo for the weapons. Calling down a wing would act like the century gun once it’s down it’s down you can use it until it run’s out of gas/ammo or is destroyed and then you would have to have ordis send down another after a cool down period which at the moment for the gun is like 10 min.

The factions in warframe are not indigenous to any of the planets the nodes are attempts to lay claim to those spaces. Those spaces should always be in a state of flux. New shipments of good’s coming in, New soldiers and equipment coming in. These are highly advanced societies and should act like so. There should be a domino effect on every planet. Depending on how you approach one base will affect how the enemy approaches you on the next. So if you choose to stealth through a mission go unseen alert no one take everyone out complete your mission you get a bonus towards the next mission on that planet. You’ve taken down a communications array. So now the bases can’t communicate with each other and there will be a timer to show you how long it will take them to send an envoy to the base you just wiped out and fix the array. You can now go in gun’s blazing into the next base without fear of retribution. Where as if you had initially gone in gun’s blazing the alert would have been sent out and now every other mission on that planet would go up at least one level above where it started. The more you go in Guns blazing the harder things get. The more you stealth the easier you can make things for yourself and your squad.

As Things get harder Elite units should be deployed to sensitive sites more troops could be deployed etc. All of these elements would have cool down peirods and lend them selves to new game modes and ways to play. Say for instance you just don’t do sealth and you just want to rhino your way through everything. You know they are sending reinforcements but you have no idea at the moment where they are being deployed. It would be set up so they just dont’ spawn in the bace there would be a drop location that would be random but in proximity to many of the bases so that troops could get to where there going quickly enough to respond to the threat. In one of your missions you intercept the intell on where this drop is going to be. You now have the choice to continue on to the next base to carry out your task or you can attempt to intercept the incoming envoy potentially making the rest of your run much easier but having a hoard of enemies to deal with ( which i’m assuming there would be a hoard mode with a boss or 2 at the end ) One thing horizon zero Dawn did beautifully was Not give enemies invulnerable stages they just gave you a bunch of challenges to contend with so that things didn’t become stale. Say like one of the gustrag 3 teaming up with one of those annoying flying grineer sisters.

Random encounters in between bases would have effects on those bases maybe you cut off supply chains or you prevent components from reaching their destinations ( things that you can hijack and use for your own research and gain ) … If anyone played kill zone these missions would start off like operations mode. Where your faced with an overall objective but there are phases that need to be completed before you can move on to the next stage.

This brings me to my next point Tenno are assholes. Were not the police of the galaxy we are literally a thorn in everyone’s side children who no one really asked to get involved. We are assassins nothing more nothing less. Thus far in the lore humans have either been wiped out or dont’ exist there is no innocent faction were protecting and the corpus and grineer seem to be at a stalemate when it comes to battling it out for supremacy of our system. In Hell Divers there is a system where you can actively see where opposing factions making moves taking over planets how your decisions directly effect the conflict at large. If there was an ever present story and ever raging battle looming that was not only around us but we were a part of they could inject lore into every little thing the player did and it would give you a reason to play a reason to fight. How about if i raid 1000 corps labs i can get the blueprints from alidV to turn one of my kuburo into a hyena ( shit iv’e got all these oberon parts laying around and a crap ton of kuburo in stasis why not ) having one of those fukkers running around would be bad ass.

Trowing weapons at the problem isn’t going to help, throwing warframes at the problem doesn’t help either ( and don’t get me started on that ). Content is what is needed, a story, a purpose! I don’t give 2shits about the cinematic quests they take way too long to produce there way too short and the rewards for finishing them fall way short of all the hype leading up to them. Give me a reason to log in every day, make me feel like if i miss a day the world around me will change drastically. Show me the struggle. Let me be the assassin i really am. We are not peace keepers we are the harbingers of death. We are pestilence and plague we are fear and despair, we are Tenno.

And why is no one ever mentioning that the warframes them selves are composed of infested material and are sentient who have a symbolic relationship with the operator Hello story !!!

Let me know what you think…

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Thoughts from Rank 20… ( ps4 ) da-golden-chyld

I’ve been playing WarFrame since day one.   A true rank 20 every weapon, small clan huge dojo and at this stage other than hunting mantis parts there isn’t much for me to do. Assisting lower level players to a certain degree but most of the time what ever they need help with I’m way too OP for. Even characters who I’ve not put a reactor in and haven’t dumped any forma into are still OP because of my mods and ability. I’m bringing all this up to say a few things. 

After rank 8 Mastery is pretty pointless. There is no benefit to taking your mastery rank test after 8. At 8 you have access to every area every weapon every element of the game. Additional Extractors can be placed on planets currently at mR 20 i can deploy 4. If the haul from an extractor was significant it might be a reason to rank up but the resource drop from these things can be picked up in one run on damn near any planet, not only could you pick up multiple resources from a node run but doing an excavation, survival or defense will make sure you rack up resources. Warframe load out slots there nice but most of the missions are situational so predetermined loadouts don’t matter that much… 

How about you give me a warfare slot every 5 levels or a weapon slot give me something useful… 

Outside of running t4’s there isn’t much challenge to higher level players. I would like to propose a few changes that i think could improve the overall feel and longevity of warframe not only for new players but for those of us who have been there since day one and love this game as much as the dev’s. 

The first and most important thing is Lore. I understand that there is a lot of story coming out in the next few months especially with update 18 looming in the distance but unless your playing the game for the first time your left comb through the wiki and reddit for all the tidbits of info you can gather.  I would like to see the planetary system go from nodes to an open world. Where  you can choose where to land and then you can move from node to node or foot or with a new kind of craft. This right here could give way to larger mission types. One of the best and most entertaining game modes i’ve played was from Killzone ( operations mode ) where different game modes were combined into one to create an experience. A lot of WarFrame’s game modes are the same with different skins on them.  The way this would work in my mind is maybe you start out with a sab mission you go in wreck the objective. You have 2 ways to do this you can go in balls out wrecking everything killing everything letting your presence be known or you can stealth through it not setting off any alarms making sure they never know you were there. How you choose to complete this section of the mission would determine the difficulty for you as you approach other nodes. So once completed you acquire info that tells you there is a hostage in another area at another base and you have to follow a map to get to this hostage. @ this point you can either cash out or you can leave your $ and resources on the table gambling that you will complete the next task and gain higher rewards. There would be 5 objectives in this kind of mission taking you to different locations through out the planet possibly in a choose your own adventure style where you get to one mission and it branches off into 2 paths and you can only choose one or if your in a party of 4 you can send 2 to one location and 2 to another because the objectives may have to be completed together.  Stringing the missions together making them rely on each other and making the planets an open world would make the missions way more interesting and creative. Also by doing this it would be a million times easier to add new nodes to a planet. 

I would also like to see the stalker have his own syndicate. ( yea you herd me right ) The way this would work is you would have to be @ least rank 15 to opt in. Any player over rank 15 if marked by the stalker would activate a beacon ( this could all come with a quest of some sorts ) but this beacon would actually attract the stalkers deciples to that location. You could acquire these beacons from your respective syndicate from a blueprint. If you were a member of the stalkers syndicate you would be invading someone else’s game a la demon and dark souls. This would add some excitement to the game that really isn’t there now. 

I love warframe but @ mR 20 there is literally noting else to do but grind for mythical shit that is almost impossible to find. Like rare cashes and crates for these mantis parts…( i sware to you if i find a rare cash and a mantis bp is not in there i’m gonna kill someone ) 

The trading system and chat is so Broken i just want it to go to an auction house or let me set up my own wf store where i can post all the shit i have and someone can buy it if they want  having to search and haggle is the worst...

Tell me your thoughts share your ideas…

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Man i needed this laugh...

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Hello this is a message from Forrest Colin Preston and I have a stalker. Up to this point I've ignored the ignorance but i can no longer sit silently by and allow this phantom to attack me indiscriminately with out any repercussions . An undisclosed adolescent coward has been stalking me for over a year now using the anonymity of the internet in an attempt to antagonize. Sending emails and text messages from fake numbers, spoofing the numbers of family and friends in an attempt to get me to reply. This eventually escalated from following me to following someone i was involved with. Sending them messages vandalizing property and eventually attacking them physically. I suppose it wasn't enough to go after me they felt the need to contact everyone who was connected to me on social media. This has recently escalated to the publishing personal information of my family online and contacting the mothers of my children. This is where i draw the line.

You hide for a reason, never revealing yourself skulking in the shadows. Unable to directly affect me you pick at those without my resolve to ignore you. Contacting women in my past hoping you'll find some in the present good luck with that. Everyone has a story think of it like crabs in a barrel. I chose not to speak ill of anyone I've ever dealt with, not because I can't but because I won't. It's not worth the effort to even address the insignificant rants of if the irrelevant. Let them talk let them say what they want about me it's nothing. Broken hearts, blown out backs, lascivious interludes, weekend getaways what ever category they fell in the fact remains the same the past is the past for a reason and the only reason your bitter is because you want it to be you present. There are no innocent parties just what at this juncture you would assume were adults, if we were involved I'm sure you would not want what, when, where, why or how things transpired to be shared on a public forum. Thinking before you speak is paramount because if i were to divulge the intricacies of my past endeavors recanting all you did while in my company and for my company I'm sure you would have a lot less to say especially if i chose to tell such a thrilling tale to strangers connected to your social media.   I am who i am and make no concessions about it, my laundry isn't dirty just worn. You can't shit on me without opening up your mouth so have at it. At the end of the day you didn't get what you wanted and now someone gave you a soapbox to stand on and your hoping anyone is listening. If you want to hear yourself talk, if you want someone else who is as insignificant as you to hear you as well go ahead ( your time has come and gone and the only reason you would have anything to say about anything is because you wish it wasn't over ). If you have something to say my number is still the same I'm sure if you wanted to reach me there are a myriad of other ways you could have gotten my attention aside from entertaining a troll.  

​I sincerely apologize to my friends and family and loved ones for any strife this situation has caused. It was never my intent for any of my personal life regardless of how sordid it may be to cause any turmoil for anyone who is a staple ​on my world. To my stalker i would advise at this moment while you can, run as far and as fast as you can from this situation. When i catch you everyone you have touched will pour every ounce of their being into prosecuting you and every instance that even remotely pertains to you to the fullest extent of the law. To the girl scouts who spent a summer at camp bosque and now want to roast me instead of there smores i would caution you to think twice about what you choose to divulge. There are 2 sides to every story and I'm quite sure you prefer my version, reminiscing about the inadequacies of an irrelevant past remain between you and i. You weren't a victim you were a participant grow up.

In the event that you may be approached by this stalker please copy and paste this message into whatever dialogue there trying to have with you and report the page a fake. Once again i apologize sincerely for the inconvenience to anyone this situation has adversely affected.

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Best Shit EVER! you need a laugh this is wher it's at!

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