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Jennifer Wells
Love Adventure and Exploring new people and things.
Love Adventure and Exploring new people and things.
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Everyone likes a good business tips article, so I am sharing my article and most all the articles here are mine, enjoy! :)

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Think this is really cool stuff...thinking about checking it only problem is the TIME to go through the lessons...haha. Sounds really cool to be able to jump into different universes... Hmmm! sounds fun and maybe even meet ourselves in a past life or future one! Doesn't cost too much so not a bad price for the entire kit and for what it claims to help you achieve. Interesting stuff for sure :)

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Now this is a classy way to camp and I could certainly do some camping if I had one of these. These are so cute I would place it on my back yard deck...yes I would. ;)
"Innovative Transparent Bubble Tents"

Wow, I would love to try one of these Bubble Tents (created by French designer Pierre-Stéphane Dumas) whenever I go camping! Imagine sleeping in complete darkness, avoiding all the pesky critters from outside, but still being able to stare at the night sky without any worries?

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