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My husband shared this on his page today...It is a great re-telling some of how we spent our Friday amazing and powerful night...I am a lucky woman ;-)
As told from my wife's new lover.

From the man in the story. Our day finally came. The days leading up to our meeting became more exciting each day. She was imaginative in the things done to soon to be cucked husband. It was fun the day before as I had her excuse herself to play with her pussy. She was nice to send pictures of the affect. Her fingers were so wet, it looked they had just been washed without drying. She was so excited knowing fantasy was getting ready to turn into reality. When we met, She was much more attractive than any pic I had seen of her before. The husband’s care for his wife showed the moment we met. His want to make his wife happy was totally there. A total gentleman and soon to be a real life cuck. Her pussy was so hot with excitement, she gave me a long passionate kiss while grabbing for my cock. After the initial introductions, we talked openly over drinks. As we talked, it was easy to see she wanted fuck. Seeing her get even hotter, off went her bra. Big nice tits emerged with amazing nipples. She was little surprised and shy but wanted all to happen even more. I sucked on them and slid my hands in her pant finding a pussy so hot and wet, my cock was hard at first touch. I continue to play with her pussy while hubby assisted pulling her pants off. Allowing me full access to her juicy pussy. I played with her until she almost had an orgasm and then ask her cuck to touch and feel how hot she was. I think he was still taking everything in with mixed thoughts but was excited to see all that was going on and enjoying what he was seeing. We went to the bedroom afterwards. She sucked me like a you can only imagine. Truly loves giving oral and I honestly could have cum in a couple of minutes if I would have let her continue. She was enjoying being a hotwife and cucking her husband in real life. She spread her legs waiting for me to enter her. Knowing about their relationship, I suggested the husband guide my cock into his wife’s pussy. Helping him realize he was truly giving me his wife’s pussy. She moaned as this happened. I slide inside her slow and deep upon entry. Feeling her immediately began to shake. I could feel her stretch nicely and feel her juices began to flow. Within a few strokes, I could feel the wetness of her on my balls. She was hot, super wet and tight. Her pussy feeling something she had been wanting for a long time and was hot for it. I continued to enjoy her and until I could feel her have an amazing orgasm. I just continued to fuck her more. What a good start to the evening… more to come……
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