One of my favorite bands, OKGo, will be appearing all over the SuperBowl this Sunday !

Here is the scoop:

Dear Friends,
As you may have heard by now, we'll be premiering our brand new music video for "Needing/Getting" this coming Sunday, February 5th, as part of the Super Bowl broadcast on NBC. We even made a trailer for the thing, which you can see here. We are ridiculously excited about how the clip turned out, and can't wait to share it with you. For this video we partnered with Chevrolet and their new Sonic, much as we partnered with State Farm Insurance for the Rube Goldberg "This Too Shall Pass" video and with Google Chrome for the "All Is Not Lost" video. Since leaving EMI, this model of partnering up for our various creative endeavors has let us continue to make the work we want to make, the way we want to make it, at no cost to you, our fans. It's a crazy new world out there in the music industry, and we are extremely grateful for all of your support of these methods and of the work we've been able to make as a result.
The partnership with Chevy was just the kind of deal we love. They liked our idea and agreed to give us full creative control. We got to make the exact video we wanted to make, and they helped make our crazy idea possible. Everything was going swimmingly and we were on target for a February premiere. But then a funny thing happened. We finished the video, showed it to the bigwigs at Chevy and GM, and they fell instantly, head-over-heels in love with it. So much so that they immediately proposed a complete change of schedule to integrate it deeply into their Super Bowl plans. We were floored. What an amazingly bizarre and wonderful world we live in where the most batshit crazy video we've ever made can suddenly climb to the top of advertising world heap overnight. Two years ago, when we struck out on our own, we never would have dreamed that we'd find ourselves staring down a Super Bowl launch of a completely ludicrous video comprised of 1,157 homemade instruments, a massively hacked car, and Damian as a professional stunt driver. It's the exact level of crazy we love. Some things just work out.
So, all by way of saying, we'd like to share with you the Super Bowl Sunday OK Go "Needing/Getting" Extravaplan 2012™. We know not every single OK Go fan is, by default, a fan of American Football. So we figured we should give you the heads up in case you were planning to be roller skating, ice fishing, or otherwise engaged that day.
Super Bowl Sunday OK Go "Needing/Getting" Extravaplan 2012™
(all times are Eastern Standard)
12:00pm - Don your beer helmet and start deep frying your chicken wings. It's an American tradition.
2:15pm - This is an estimated time, as the program is still a bit up in the air. But we will be appearing on the NBC Pre-Game broadcast, likely from the red carpet at the Super Bowl, to introduce the video. NBC will then air a two minute excerpt of the video itself on air. At that time, the video will also go live online and accessible worldwide both as a YouTube embed (naturally) at Chevy's microsite and on
Sometime During the Game - We will also appear briefly in a larger Chevy ad, which, due to the way they rollout Super Bowl ads these days, you can already see online here.
Post-Game - Immediately following the game, Chevy will be debuting our dedicated television ad for the "Needing/Getting" video. Thirty glorious seconds of OK Goodness. So stick around for that moment when one team wins, the other team loses, they pan around to all the happy and sad faces for 20 seconds, and then cut to commercial. Because there we'll be.
Or just go kite-skiing Sunday and check out all the action on the internet come Monday morning. It's that kind of world we live in, and you can do what you like. But that's the plan, and we wanted you to hear it from us first. Mostly because we can't sleep or sit still due to general over-excitedness. Turns out that's a thing. And we've got it bad. Oh and be sure to hit come Sunday as well, as we should have a few new bits and bobs up there by then as well...
Damian, Tim, Dan, and Andy
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Let's Do This
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