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Tabletop RPG Advice for Players and GMs
Tabletop RPG Advice for Players and GMs

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Yes, it's true. We now have a desktop wallpaper image of GA members as Marvel superheroes. Enjoy!

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Have some screenshots from recent Hangouts Against Humanity sessions. We tend to play Monday nights at 8PM Eastern. Bug us in the chat for an invite:
Hangouts Against Humanity 4/22/13
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Saturday afternoon at PAX East 2013, members of The Gamer Assembly convened in the Tabletop Theatre for an ideological muckle about which tabletop RPG system would be the best to run campaign ideas from the crowd. We didn't limit ourselves to a single answer on any of them, but at least we gave several systems to research and inspire.

Now everyone can follow along with the debate, and comment with systems we missed. Thanks to our panelists +Casey Peavler +Tresi Arvizo +Bob Smith +Brent Newhall +Arthur Vaccarino +Jim White and +Brian Liberge for the ideas and lively discussion.

Be sure to check out all the links to the systems we suggested in the description. Comments, discussion, and spelling corrections welcomed.

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Friday afternoon at PAX East 2013, The Gamer Assembly presented a panel called Worldbuilding 101. If you weren't one of the 75 lucky people who made it into the room, now you can see it online!

Thanks to members and panelists +Casey Peavler +Kaitlynn Peavler +Brent Newhall +Jim White +Arthur Vaccarino +Brian Liberge for the thoughts and effort!

Stay tuned for the video of our Saturday panel, Tabletop System Wars, coming soon...

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Urban Dressing: Traders & Craftsmen is now available for download from DriveThruRPG. If you were a fan of Market Stalls, fear not, this PDF has all new content with 100 store descriptions, 100 services, new hooks, opportunities and an NPC generator. 

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Time for some thrilling heroics

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For all of those thinking of creating game, running a game, playing a game or just talking about a game, it's time for your Pep Talk.

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It took a hurricane to make me organize and publish the Nigh-Weekly Assembly. So it goes.

Enjoy this packet of RPG linkage!

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So it's been a heck of a month. Hopefully October will treat us a little more kindly so we can keep up with all the awesome content coming out in the RPG community.

Thanks for reading!
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