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So I am giving the iPad back to work to give to someone else. My Macbook Air is a lot more effective. Also I like reading better on my kindle. Also my HTC is good for apps. Really have no need for a tablet.
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I find the one I have at home from work is also mostly unused.... jen likes her iPhone for things and I only use a computer at home for gaming and photos.. and my new Uber iMac is the best for that.

no kindle yet... so I do the book thing on the ipad, but find my iPone is just as good for that. I am actually thinking of buying the amazon tablet, if it ever gets to be a real thing.
Love my Kindle... love my iPhone. I do not like reading on my iPhone due to the sunlight issues but I miss illustrations. I also like the size of my Kindle DX so I think that has a lot to do with why I do not like reading on my iPhone.

I have thought about an iPad but I cannot see any REAL reason why I "need" one. I'm happy with my laptops (17" laptop and a notebook or whatever the smaller size is called) for now... and someday I'll get a Macbook.
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