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This makes me so happy. So so happy.
Animated Photo

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Random thought for the day:

If the mobile carriers really start to enter the ad-blocking and -injecting business this might have interesting side-effects. Eg. a lot more traffic (including the ads) moving to TLS.

I wonder whether someone higher up in the food-chain (the ones with five eyes) will be happy about that.

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Introducing the Silex micro-framework

+younes rafie introduces you to the Symfony-based microframework. If you need speed, extensibility, and to be up and running in minutes with a prototype or a small project, Silex is perfect for you. Check it out!

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Ladies and gentlemen: +Stef Dawson on the latest release Textpattern 4.5.7, ten years of development, and what's to expect from the future.

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Luftbrücke zu den Jeziden, Sinjar, Irak / Michel…:

Looks like I've finally outgrown Heidi SQL and PHPStorm's built-in SQL tools so I'm evaluating some alternative MySQL GUIs for Windows.

Oracle's MySQL Workbench is a dead weight.

Currently I'm looking into dbForge Studio for MySQL ( and SQLyog ( only to discovered that SQLyog  cannot execute multiple SQL commands from one editor window at once. Hmph!

Which kind of narrows my choices, I suspect, to dbForge Studio.

A marketer from Joyent asks me about "the value that they get from providing free services to".

Suggestions, anybody?

Backgrounder: Joyent is a cloud hosting company and the great-grandchild of TextDrive 1.0, a company founded by Dean Allen who wrote quite a few lines of Textpattern code back then, too.

All sites of our Textpattern empire are therefore hosted with Joyent for free since the stone ages.

Last month Joyent started to charge for their service, and I am trying to revert their decision. Hence the marketing contact...

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Extensive piece on this beautiful bird and its Australian habitat.

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wet_quickopen v 1.1 is out. Works in all major browsers for Textpattern 4.5+

I've just added jQuery UI to the development branch. We will have shiny widgets with 4.6 :)
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