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Looks like I've finally outgrown Heidi SQL and PHPStorm's built-in SQL tools so I'm evaluating some alternative MySQL GUIs for Windows.

Oracle's MySQL Workbench is a dead weight.

Currently I'm looking into dbForge Studio for MySQL ( and SQLyog ( only to discovered that SQLyog  cannot execute multiple SQL commands from one editor window at once. Hmph!

Which kind of narrows my choices, I suspect, to dbForge Studio.
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Thanks for the suggestion, +Stephan Hochhaus I wasn't aware that Navicat is not a Mac-only product.

Robert Wetzlmayr

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Extensive piece on this beautiful bird and its Australian habitat.
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Fascinating. Here also a BBC documentary I found: BBC Natural World - Cassowaries

Robert Wetzlmayr

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wet_quickopen v 1.1 is out. Works in all major browsers for Textpattern 4.5+
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Robert Wetzlmayr

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Would someone with the approriate moderations powers please change the info text for this community?

You definitely cannot buy the makers of Textpattern CMS. At least not all of them.
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Aah, gFavouritism at work. I presume you have the branded smoking jacket and slippers too.
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Robert Wetzlmayr

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We are currently working on what will finally become Textpattern 4.5. Here’s an overview of some notable changes and enhancements...

Robert Wetzlmayr

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A marketer from Joyent asks me about "the value that they get from providing free services to".

Suggestions, anybody?

Backgrounder: Joyent is a cloud hosting company and the great-grandchild of TextDrive 1.0, a company founded by Dean Allen who wrote quite a few lines of Textpattern code back then, too.

All sites of our Textpattern empire are therefore hosted with Joyent for free since the stone ages.

Last month Joyent started to charge for their service, and I am trying to revert their decision. Hence the marketing contact...
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TXD II hasn't been bad so far, with the exception of a non-transparent move from one provider (Joyent) to another (Ubiquity) which involved IP address changes and a move to new data centres.

No one knows what's happening so I've been super careful to ensure that I've got regular backups going to Strongspace (compare Jeff Mancuso's responses to those of TXD and Joyent - the guy is amazing and so helpful), just in case TXD II goes belly up.

However bad TXD II is (at least in terms of communication with customers), this thread is about Joyent and their marketing communication, if one can call it that. My opinion is, once a mail like that comes through, only a short time after providing a new server on the premise of continuing lifetime hosting for Textpattern, then maybe its time to find a new home.
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Robert Wetzlmayr

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wet_quickopen v 1.1 is out. Works in all major browsers for Textpattern 4.5+
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Beauty. Thanks for sharing Robert. 
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Robert Wetzlmayr

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I've just added jQuery UI to the development branch. We will have shiny widgets with 4.6 :)
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No worries. We should have made it clearer that it's for the admin control panel that we'll be integrating jQuery UI. Cheers, Phil.
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Robert Wetzlmayr

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Feel adventurous? We have a  #textpattern #txp45 beta release for you!

Robert Wetzlmayr

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body {visibility: hidden;}
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