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I like to follow up all major hospitalizations with something traumatizing. Immediately after the boy's first major surgery, I read THE HOT ZONE. This time I might have outdone myself, though...
FRONTLINE investigates the rise of deadly drug-resistant bacteria.
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Yes, thank you for the invite, +Brunner Nathan 
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Online content creation, audience engagement, photography, social media, educational advocacy, family strengthening.
Writer. Photographer. Bibliophile. Sci fi dreamer.
Invariably, people look at me and think: "Oh! She'll know!" (Directions...good restaurants...nearest bathroom...)

In turn, I'll respond with a best effort that is almost. always. wrong.

Consider yourself warned.

(2014 Edit: 6 people asked me for directions last weekend. 6!!! While I waited on the wrong track for a subway. Consider this a public service announcement: People of Europe, children and mid-westerners, RUN! RUN FROM ME!)
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I've read more books than you have. Also: I can read faster than you.
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I am Mike Brown Live from Ferguson, MO by KARG Argus Radio

Watch KARG Argus Radio's I am Mike Brown Live from Ferguson, MO on

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Guardians of the Galaxy was great! And then there were aspects of it that weren't so great, like calling Gamora a whore...

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A new longitudinal study examined how college students slut-shame—and found that the practice is as illogical as it is damaging.

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Is Rahinah Ibrahim a Malaysian jihadist, or the victim of misguided bureaucrats who erroneously placed the 48-year-old woman on a U.S. terro

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The story in the Times Union on Sunday about what some people call a shadow government within the State Education Department didn't get up o

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What we know about poverty is often academic. It's rare to have a poor person actually explain it on their own behalf. So this is me doing t