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Hey loves! ♉Welcome to my profile♉
It's great to have you all here! ❤💙

All about me

I'm goth if you can't tell! Lol 😂

Name: Christine Rayne Cullen 😝
Age: 29 year's old 😲
Staus: Taken by : +Cory Darkness Cullen​​​ 😍
Religion: Pagan/ Wiccan ☥
Children: 4 babies 👫👬
Fur babies: 5 Fur babies 🐶🐕🐶🐕🐱
Music: All genre's of rock music. Some country, a little bit of rap, and a little bit of pop.🎸🎹♩🎷🎧🎼

My favorite anime:
Attack on titans, bleach, saliormoon, JoJo bazaar adventures, Dragon ball z kai & Super, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, yu-gi-oh, Pokemon, digimon.
And much more....😊

My favorite tv shows:
Cops, forensic files, 48 hours, law & order: Criminal intent, law & order: special victims unit, Csi, the originals, the vampire diaries, supernatural, charmed, the big bang theory, family fued, The Steve wilkos show, divorce court, judge Judy, everyone loves Raymond. Wwe raw & wwe smackdown, Dexter, Once upon a time. And much more... 😊

My favorite cartoons:
Teen titans go, the amazing world of gumball, the power puff girls, family guy, South park, American dad, the Cleveland show, futureramma, Rick and morty, scooby doo, courage the cowardly dog, Dexter's laboratory, cat dog, cow & chicken, the fairly odd parents, Ren and stimpy, rugrats, the jetsons, Johnny bravo, the Flintstones, hey Arnold, recess, ed, edd, eddy, kids next door, The Jackie Chan adventures. And many more....😊

My favorite Bands
Black veil brides, green day, my chemical romance, Hawthorne heights, the used, H.I.M, Marlyin Manson, Rob Zombie, Breaking Benjamin, Avenged Sevenfold, Rammstein, powerman 5000, system of a down, Metallica, slayer, def leopard, poison, skid row, led Zeppelin, Andy black, AFI, Arch enemy, Avril Lavigne, Bauhaus, bhad bhabie, Bob Carlisle, Christina Aguilera, Demi lovato, The doors, escape the fate, Evanescences, Flyleaf, Jeffree star, Katy Perry, Lacuna coil, lady gaga, Leann Rimes, London after midnight, Melanie Martinez, motionless in white, nicki Minaj, otep, Panic at the disco, pantera, porcelain black, Razakel, the sister's of mercy, merciful nuns, slipknot, smallz one, spice girls, Stephanie Brite, T.a.T.u, Tim kellams, Wednesday 13, Icp, twiztid, Twisted sister's ...and much more...if I keep going this list will never end. Lol!😂😂

Favorite movies:
Twilight(The whole saga), Harry potter(The whole series) Lord of the rings (The whole series), Halloween(The whole series) Jason ( All of them except Jason X), Nightmare on elm st (All of them), House of 1000 corpses, The devils rejects, The house of wax, Dracula, Night of the living dead, dawn of the dead, the nightmare before Christmas, the corpse bride(All time favorite disney movies), The New reboot of IT, Pet cementary, the mist, Christine, Carrie 1&2, Panic room, snow white and the huntsman, the crow, central intelligence, the accidental spy, rush hour, tons of Disney movies, too many to name, 12 rounds(Ft. JOHN CENA),Marine(FT. JOHN CENA), 12 rounds 3: Lockdown (FT. DEAN AMBROSE), Tons of Scooby Doo movies ( especially with kiss, and wwe superstars), Santa's little helper (FT. THE MIZ, AND PAIGE)
Any many more....😊

My hobbies:
I love drawing, coloring, writing poems and stories, and singing. And I love taking pictures, and making YouTube videos.

+Maggie Von-Vanity**​**​**​
+Kaya Cullen​*​*​*
+Xavier Mikaelson​*​*​*
+Carlos De-Vil​*​*​*


My Family
You should add them

+Cory Darkness Cullen*​*​* ~Husband~
+Freya Mikaelson*​*​* ~Sister~
+James Maclary​~Brother~
+Rebekah Mikaelson​​​* ~Sister~
+Niklaus Mikaelson​ ~Brother~
+Angelique Cullen​​​* ~Sister~
*+Lily Swan​​*​ ~Sister~
+Drusilla Renee​​​* ~Sister~
+Marie Cullen​​​*​ ~Sister~
+Hayley Winchester​​​* ~Sister~
+Klaus Mikaelson​​​* ~Brother~
+Jasper Hale Cullen​​​* ~Brother~
+Esme Ann Cullen​​​* ~Mom~
+Dr. Carlisle Cullen​​​* ~Dad~
+Renesmee Cullen​​​* ~Niece~
+Jeremy the red scout​​​* ~Brother~
+Christine Hottopicfurry~Lil sis~
(won't let me tag)

Let me know if you'd like to be added as a family member, or like to be added. Why I'm doing it this way is cause everytime i add people I tend to forget someone. Lol 😂😂

My Besties
You should add them

+Alyssa Eats Children*​*​*
+Timeless Neko*​*​*
+Aundrea Dudley*​*​*
+Bethany Guerrera*​*​*
+Alicia Ambrose**​**​
+James Maclary*​*​*
+Emily T*​*​*
+Mr. Fafnir Dono*​*​*
+Queen Liza*​*​*
+ibraheem soriya**​**​
+Aro Volturi*​*​*
Let me know if you'd like to be added to the bestie list, or like to be added.

If you'd like to know anything else, just ask me!

Love, Chris Rayne
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Lookie what came!!! My new boots! Tomorrow there will be a unboxing video!!!😊
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Yes!!! I can't wait my boots, wallet, and adult anime coloring book will be here today!!! 😊❤💙😘👍
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Starting my investigation on the B topping account, of course with help.

Thanks, for you're help again +Adare Malkeenian !😊👍
It's started.
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New vid up...😊
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First of all, anyone who think sniper bow aka Amy Matson is a nice person is delusional and needs to seek help.

But you're so called nice person, claims to want to be a terrorist, supports child abuse, Animal abuse, bashes our u.s soliders, bashes the L.G.B.T, and thinks it's okay to threaten children. But yeah she's such a nice person. Hell no, she's a piece of shit.

And now let's go over you're profile.
I highly doubt your 12, most but not all trolls or bullies don't normally use there real pic. But I've came in contact with a few trolls that do use there legit pics and most of them I'm friends with.

So i doubt you're 12, and I'm pretty sure you're using a innocents childs pic as you're own. Which is sick.

Now let's go over you're comment you left. Starting with...

"Hey you bitch goth why dont you "expose" me?"

Oh jeez, the fucking grammer is killing my brain cells. The grammatical errors, the question doesn't make sense.

You should of said it like this.

"Hey you, goth bitch! Why don't you expose me?"

Lol, but my response. 😂😂
Be careful, what you ask for. You might just get it!

"i saw what you did to archer bow."

First off, it's the beginning of a new sentence so you're "I" should be capitalized. Second, thanks for caring enough to take the time out of you're day to watch my vids. Thanks for the views.


"Amy is a cool and nice person stop hating dumb emo."

First, already went over how much a shit person Amy is. Nobody is hating on Amy, nobody wants to be her.
Calling me dumb???Lol...this is coming from the person who lacks in there grammar and spelling!😂😂
Called me!😂😂
Make up you're mind am i goth or emo, cause there completely two different things.

"and get a life and stop drawing in kids books"

Again, the "a" in And should be capitalized. As Well there should be a period at the end of books.

And i do have a life, that I'm very happy with. And like you telling me to stop drawing in kids books is going to stop me. Well the reason is, you don't actually draw in kids books, you read them. And if you're referring to coloring books, you don't draw in them color in them. Lol!!!😂😂

Apparently, you didn't hear the part where i say i color in kids coloring books with my children. Lol!!! But again thanks for the views!😂😂

But i digress...there will be a video, since he ask for one. 😂😂
Omg...I'm dying 😂😂
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I ordered some make up from ulta, looks like we've got a unboxing video coming, plus tons of new make up videos coming! I can't wait!!!😊👍
new make up
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My daughter playing dress up in her new belle dress!😊❤💙👍😘😊
my daughter dressed has belle
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My lil princess with her new elsa doll!😊👍❤💙😘😊
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Also found the family some belts at the thrift store. 😊👍
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