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A huge congratulations to Travel Longer Magazine! 
So I know it normally isn't cool to 'blow your own trumpet' - but I just couldn't help myself with this one.

Travel Longer Magazine is now ranked #1 in USA, UK & Canada, and holds a Top 10 ranking in many other countries (on Apple/iTunes 'Whats Hot' Section of Travel magazines).  Just 12 months since it's conception, +Travel Longer Magazine has grown to having a readership of just over 55,000 people from over 85 countries... I know, crazy right?

We REALLY want to thank all our contributors who have helped us get to where we all. It's a long list, but here goes (in order of appearance):
+James Clark +Wes Nations +Terri Fogarty +Enrique Pacheco +Cailin O'Neil +Trey Ratcliff +Dave Bouskill +Debra Corbeil +Chris Guillebeau +arielle jordan +Talon Windwalker +alexandra jimenez +Leigh McAdam +Elle Swim +Derek Baron +Steve McCurry +Ken Kaminesky +Yvonne Zagermann +Ryan Brown +Ami Vitale +Uncornered Market +Phil Hill +Deborah Sandidge +Gary Arndt +Jodi Ettenberg +Brenda Johima +Colby Brown +Beers and Beans Travel Site +Jamie Robinson +Britany Robinson +Jeremy Feburier +Elia Locardi +Joe Capra and soon to be +Paul Pichugin (if I missed someone, I'm terribly sorry!)

This year we have also made all regular issues of Travel Longer 100% FREE, and all subscribers to the magazine (which is also FREE) gain access to ALL our back issues. We are also gearing up to launch the magazine on the Google Play network for Android devices!

So basically, if you are into travel & photography, have and iPad, iPhone or iPod, and like free stuff - download Travel Longer magazine here -

And if anyone wants some extra awesomeness points - please us a kind review on iTunes, share us with your friends, and enjoy a massive 2014 with us!


#travel #photography #travelphotography

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A fantastic and fascinating interview, +Billy Taylor and what a joy to hear more about +Elia Locardi 's ongoing photographic journey around the globe. He's such an inspiration, and your publication, stellar.
Featured post on +F Stop Lounge showcasing the work of +Elia Locardi for a special Anniversary Issue of +Travel Longer Magazine.

As a way of saying both 'Merry Xmas' and 'Happy Anniversary', Travel Longer magazine has made this special issue of FREE. Grab your copy here -


When a path opens before us that leads we know not where, don't be afraid to follow it. Our lives are meant to be mysterious journeys, unfolding one step at a time. Often we folllow a path worn smooth by the many and in doing so we lose our authenticity, our individuality, our own unique expression. Do not be afraid to lose your way. Out of chaos, clarity will eventually arise. Out of not knowing, something new and unknown will ultimately come. Do not order things too swiftly. Wait and the miracle will appear.

— Ann Mortifee

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iPhone 4S Fun.
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I'm speaking at +Social Media Camp and here's my blurb, bio and session extract. Looking forward to meeting more mobile photographers and iPhoneographers :

Mobile photography app developers! Please email Brenda johima (at) gmail (dot) com for an opportunity to showcase your mobile photo-art apps at +Social Media Camp  !

Not only am I a featured speaker on the topic, but I'm also coordinating the live streaming of cell phone photographic images throughout the conference.

We want to showcase your mobile photography and also the app developers who make photography more FUN and efficient and easy to share cool stuff across all social networks.

P.S. Also, anything mobile photography or iPhoneography ... from cases to tripods and accessories for both iPhone and Android cell phone cameras ... Look forward to hearing from you! 

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Cool rusted out old building. (iPhone 4s and olloclip) 

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. the fog today . displayed minimalism in landscape . or that's what I chose . to see .

"I don't want to be remembered for sitting." ~Brenda Johima~
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