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Chantal Beaupre
Emotional Mastery Coach, Naturopath, and Independent Licensed LifeSuccess Consultant
Emotional Mastery Coach, Naturopath, and Independent Licensed LifeSuccess Consultant

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I’m very excited about my friend, +Jim Donovan’s new book, “What are you waiting for? It’s YOUR Life.” Proven principles for creating the life of your dreams.

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Want to learn how to expand your product line, create courses, workshops, and retreats -- effectively cloning your knowledge and selling your offers -- and make abundant moohlah, too?!

Well, my dear friend and colleague, +Ronnie Nijmeh, offers you his strategic advice during a two-hour absolutely free Expert Publishing eClass this Thursday at 1pm ET.

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P.S. You'll hear lots of success stories and how you can do it, too!

P.S.S. When you register, you also get instant access to Ronnie's Publishing Cheat Sheet. :-)

Struggle selling yourself? Not sure how to sell your products or services?

It all boils down to persuasion. How do you convince someone that your product is the ultimate solution?

In this rich content video, you'll discover:

- The 3 WRONG ways to persuade your buyers...
- What your customers REALLY want
- How to persuade using a FORMULA...

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This new course most definitely gets a thumbs up from me! :-)

My dear friend and colleague, +Douglas Foresta, just released a brand new course on how you can use transformative journaling to help you overcome stress, blast through fear, and reach your full potential.

SUPER COOL: You decide how much you want for this incredible course!

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If you believe that down-to-earth spirituality and effective marketing strategies cannot join forces in the building of a successful business, think twice!

In her new book, "Power Up for Profits," my dear friend  +Kathleen Gage  brilliantly gives you the basic strategies for online business success PLUS the advanced strategies that will help you accomplish phenomenal achievements as a consciously focused entrepreneur.

Kathleen's principles are simple, but the results you'll achieve will be extraordinary! I have personally learned a lot from Kathleen and I trust you will, too!

Get the BOOK today and receive SUPER BONUSES, too:

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VIDEO ALERT: My trusted colleague and friend, +Ronnie Nijmeh, is currently on a mission to provide you with the latest content marketing, publishing, and online business strategies with super cool training videos. Be sure you don't miss anything by subscribing to his YouTube channel.

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FOR ALL MAC USERS: Here's a super cool app to help you download streaming videos. This most definitely gets a thumbs up from me! :-)

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Check out how my trusted colleague and friend, +Ronnie Nijmeh, branded a private label document in REAL TIME, using +Nicole Dean's new Coach Glue products.

Go see: How to Brand PLR Content As Your Own

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Exclusive Personal Development Giveaway: Download exclusive FREE gifts from Self-Help Authorities – mine included!

Make this year your best year ever! No cost download:

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LIMITED TIME: Exclusive FREE gifts from self-help authorities – including yours truly! :-)

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