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Aren't we cute?  +Sarah Peterman 

Last night I dreamt that I was with +Sarah Peterman and her house was broken into, so we went to my house to call the cops and when we got there, we saw something terrifying and started screaming (don't know what it was). Then I opened the door of the house and saw Stinky Puppy and I turned into a lion and roared at her. 

Then real-life +Sam Jones woke me up saying I was moaning loudly, so don't know if it was from the scream or the fact that I'm now a lion.

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♫ the function's connected to the variable, the variable's connected to the assignment statement, the assignment statement's connected to the return statement, so ride algorithm, ride. boom boom boom. ♫

My first homework assignment from +Sam Jones  is to write a program that prints the words "Your mom" on the screen.

Lookie. I wrote my first ever Python code. 

x = "hello "
y = x + "kitty"
print y
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