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Just a little update!
Sooo.... I got 20,000 followers on instagram! How crazy is that!? I haven't done any new braids recently as I sometimes just do the same braids on different hair or on a different way. But on instagram I post what ever braids I do. I wasn't sure what to do ...

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Braid Drawings!
If you are reading my blog posts you are probably aware that I also have an instagram where I post all these hairstyles (@braidsnfashion). I have over 19,000 followers on there and some of them have drawn my braids! I love each and every drawing and if I se...

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Crimped Braids
One of my all time favourites   I have been crimping my hair for as long as I can remember! It'll always be my favourite heat tool for hair and I love the texture it gives. Another great thing about crimping is the way it looks when it's braided, different ...

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Stacked Braids
This braid is so simple to do and adds a dash of detail to a style. There are as many variations of this braid as you can think of, the only limit is your imagination with this one! You could even stack more than two braids and add an extra one on top. For ...

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Half-Up Bows
Cute and simple Bows have become my new hair obsession! I've been practising Bow Braids, Bow Buns and these Half-Up Bows for a while now and they are definitely getting easier. This style may look simple but it is tricky to perfect. I need at least 6 bobby ...

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French Braid + Rosettes
Fancy up a french braid I love how this hairstyle is just a fancier version of a french braid. Perfect for special occasions and for a girly touch. How to: 1. Split the top section into three and do one stitch of a regular braid. 2. When you cross the next ...

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Bow Braids
So cute and easy to do on wet or dry hair There are lots of different variations of this braid that can be done to suit the occasion and style you want. For a girly and practical style do two braids to hold all the hair up and back. For a more relaxed style...

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The Starburst Braid
One of my favourites! The pains of having long thick hair have been solved in this one hair style.  I have very long and thick, heavy hair ~ which is beautiful ~ but it can be a chore to just tie it back. Pony tails are out of the question as they weigh too...

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Zipper Braid
So Unique This very unique and interesting braid is definitely only for people who want a bit of a challenge. I saw photos of this braid floating around Pinterest, We Heart It and Instagram for a while before I tried it. I thought it looked easy enough so w...

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Ladder Braids
I love how this braid looks on high lighted hair - it brings out all the beautiful colours in any hair and makes a gorgeously simple hairstyle. The braiding techniques for this braid can be used in so many different ways to create more braids or even to add...
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