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Management Rights Agents
Management Rights Agents promoting sale of Management Rights Businesses
Management Rights Agents promoting sale of Management Rights Businesses

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Have just sold a couple of Management Rights in Brisbane we have listed a couple on the Gold Coast. Management Rights Agents are agents who work for you. Please call if you are either a Vender or a Buyer. Please call or email if you need assistance we will meet your expectations.
Holiday building in Palm Beach

The link below shows a #CaretakingOnly #ManagementRights

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Its not often I get involved in deals interstate but a developer has asked that I market a property in Darwin. This #permanentmanagementrights gem can be purchased with or without a unit with office under occupational authority.
A managers unit can be purchased for $480,000.
The income is over $310K so it will interest a lot of buyers.…/darwin-management-rights/

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As #ManagementRightsAgents it is good to get exclusive listings. This means nobody but Management Rights Agents can sell the particular #ManagementRights except a Buyers Agent. This would still mean that the vendor would have to pay the agent his commission.
The link to this building shows you an opportunity to make money with a chance to make some capital gain with the number outside agents in the letting.
Please don't hesitate to call me or email regarding this opportunity.
If you personally are no interested in the opportunity please share with the Facebook Family

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The Management Rights Agents dilemma is when buyers are purchasing a Management Rights business. is explained in the following article.
Whether you are buying a Management Rights Business or your Dream home the following gives you a useful set of guidelines.

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Like all things Body Corporate this will be like getting people to agree on a painting scheme or what plants to plant in 6 hectare refurbishment of the gardens. Most of the people in Body Corporate Schemes do not understand the Scheme (Community Titles Scheme) nor do they wish to. Acting on Body Corporate By-Laws is another example of discord in this community. I think it smells like commonsense but will it be adapted as such. I once heard a rumour commonsense retired in the 70's or was the 60's.
Also maybe Gold Coast City Council could take the same approach. Please share if you agree.

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I would just like to mention that our best featured listing is still available.
This Management Rights is in the 4 star class with a good income.
24 years left on the agreements and a great committee to work with. The building is roughly 2 years young and it can be an opportunity for you start in the Management Rights Business. Call John Ennis 0407 750 862

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Thought this may interest you from SQM Research

Boom and Bust Report
In writing up our 2017 annual Housing Boom and Bust Report (due mid next month), I have been tweeting out some of the interesting updates in the market. In reviewing the present situation for mining towns, Karratha always requires a mention, if not for the fact it was one of the first mining towns to slump back in 2012-2013.

It had been some time since I looked at the charts for this mining town so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Perhaps it had finally bottomed out?

Needless to say, the update shocked me. House prices are still plunging there, with no sign of a bottom, as this SQM Research chart reveals. The rental market is no better.

It is no better in Port Hedland either, where asking prices for properties have tanked.

I’ll do a more thorough update for the annual report but at this stage, I am sure you can read the story thus far…

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As a member of a Body Corporate Committee (please note I will not be standing at the next election due to commitments in business and overseas travel) I was more than a little disappointed to see some lobbying by "group" which has been more than a little free with the truth. It is claimed I have resigned, yet I still hold positions of Liaison Officer, Secretary and Chairman and still am performing functions relating to these.
There have been spurious claims of how they will make improvements to the complex that will save the Body Corporate Committee money which are not compliant with BCCM Act (claiming a plan to put Solar heaters on the roofs of all residents and thus save money for the BC). The roofs are not common property and would need agreement by owners to allow any solar setup to generate power for the owners.
The article by Frank Higginson is a timely reminder of how lobbying show be done. Ignorance is no excuse for making promises that cannot legally be carried out.

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This article offers rules for managers and owners alike. It is a reminder for all of those in a Management Rights that you must follow your by-laws. In one building I managed for a short period the body corporate did not have an option but to pursue the owner of a lot for a fence built in contravention to the bylaws.
This created much angst with some of the other owners who had followed the bylaws. The owner decided rather than fight the Body Corporate they put up a motion at an EGM to change the bylaw.
Hey Presto the new/amended bylaw was passed and the fence was now allowed.
So they are more than one way to skin a cat. Work with owners all together and you can change the way strata/Body Corporate's function. A great article by Hynes Legal as most committees do not always follow. Particularly the procedural bits and then live to regret their actions.
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