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Co-Founder @ClaimWizard ★ Professional Speaker ★ Vintage & Pin Up Fan
Co-Founder @ClaimWizard ★ Professional Speaker ★ Vintage & Pin Up Fan

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Yesterday I came across some people that have hired a “life/business/health coach” and it has crossed dangerously into “licensed therapist” territory. Normally I’m a “not my monkey, not my circus” kind of gal when it comes to other people’s coach or coaching business.

Not today Satan… not today…

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+Verizon Wireless Stone Ridge Store 330204 store in #SanAntonio apparently thinks it is good biz practice to make fun of people/seniors.

Lovely. My mom is locked out of her Pixel / Android phone for 24 hours. She was having problems & took it to the Verizon store. They wiped the phone AND had her reset her password. That means NO logging into her phone for 24 hours because phone wipe + password reset = stolen phone.

She's also getting on a plane tomorrow morning without a phone and without email (2-Factor with her email login will not work without SMS, and her phone is all but bricked right now.)

I could spit nails I'm so angry right now. Thanks +Verizon Wireless for sending her on a plane with NO way to call for her friends to get her or for help if she needs it.

Who do I know in San Antonio TX?

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+Lewis Howes & The School of Greatness is inspiring AS ALWAYS. +Ellen DeGeneres is kinda cool too (grin)

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Something hard has happened. Illness, a death in the family, a brutal divorce—and your focus on your business wavers. This is natural, of course; a crisis will need your full attention. But what about your business? Can it survive your crisis?

It's a great day when a small business coaching client needs to put some future sessions on hold because she just sold her business & is heading on a (long neglected but very much earned) vacation!!

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I had a boss once upon a time that liked to shake hands like this. He was creepy. He only did it to women. EW.

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I may use this as background noise at work...

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