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Aim High!
Are you thinking about it? Has it crept into your
thoughts? Did you start dreaming about it yet? Did you start shopping?  Do I mention it? Back to school! LOL I have done a few projects. I have done some thinking.
I have also realized I do MUCH better with ...

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Critical Thinking Made Easy
This is a great resource from Carson Dellosa. I'm not sure with that I will be able to start out the year using it with all of my students. Many of my students do not have school experience when they start kindergarten. The first chapter is numbers 1-100. M...

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Soar With A New Mindset
Soar With a New Mindset This new mini bulletin board set from @CDPub is great! How cute a bulletin board is this. Well, not the picture itself. The set! The picture is BAD! I know! It's the end of the year and things are coming down, not going up. I'm plann...

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Instant Assessments - Carson Dellosa Style
We all need
the data!  Carson-Dellosa has a new
resource for us! Language Arts Instant Assessments for Data Tracking! Sounds like a lot - and it is! We may not always want to assess, but it is part of the job. This
resource gives us different and helpful wa...

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Fall Fun- Stickers and Notepads from Carson Dellosa!
Stickers and notepads! A teacher’s favorite things!
These cute fall resources from Carson Dellosa are perfect for so many things!
Not just the obvious. We know we can put stickers on papers as we grade them.
We know we can write notes home about how great o...

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Math Thinking Mats - Carson Dellosa
Mats! Oh
Carson-Dellosa you have read my mind again! As many of us move to Guided Math,
this is a great resource! It is divided into the five topics of math – Counting
and Cardinality, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Number Operations in Base

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Teaching With Intention Chapter 6 Lesson Design
Well, here we are already at Chapter 6! This book packs such a punch and is such an easy read all at the same time! Here are my thoughts on Chapter 6 Lesson Design. This is an important chapter. I love the gradual release model. I love the Lesson Design Too...

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Infographics! How cool is that? Carson Dellosa has a cool new
tool for us to use! This book fits great into the new in-depth reading that
Common Core is looking for. This covers many different content areas. I think I
found one for almost all the content ar...

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Spectrum Phonics - Carson Dellosa
Phonics- The simple definition from Merriam Webster is “ a method of teaching
people to read and pronounce words by learning the sounds of letters, letter
groups, and syllables ”. Kindergarten teachers do this all day long. We
sing, we dance, we match, we p...

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Lessons Learned
Ahhhhh! Summer! That time of year that a teacher can take a breath and be ok. That time of year when  a teacher can drink two cups of coffee and not worry about making it till lunch time or special! LOL The end of the year is bitter sweet. We are so ready f...
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