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Your long-term financial security is important. So is asking the right questions to your financial advisor. In last week's Sunday Morning Money Report, Adam shares his formula for finding the right advisor.

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Taxes have a HUGE impact on one's retirement. Having a strategy and written plan in place can help keep more money in your pocket and less in Uncle Sam's. It's time to enjoy your retirement! Give our office a call at 904-232-8760 to reserve your FREE copy of "Power of Zero" today.

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Are you nearing retirement and wondering how best to plan for this next chapter in your life? Register for our upcoming 2-day educational workshop, "The New Reality in Our Retirement."

You will discover how to:
- Determine if you have enough money for retirement
- Protect your assets in a rising tax rate environment
- Maximize Social Security income
- Understand if your portfolio is truly diversified...and so much more

Register today at

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Do you know your financial advisors philosophy for managing your money? This week on Sunday Morning Money Report, Adam shares the importance of putting clients' needs first.

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Are you worried that excessive fees are chipping away at your retirement savings? Allow us to put those worries aside with our Fee X-Ray. Call 904-232-8760 to schedule your complimentary consultation with Adam.

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A recent report from Boston College shows that 52% of American households are at risk of NOT maintaining their standard of living in retirement. Having a goal or written plan in place will help to alleviate the stress of these startling statistics.
We invite to you register for our upcoming educational workshop at University of North Florida where Adam will help to educate you on the "New Reality of Retirement." For more information or to register, please visit or call 904-232-8760

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Should you rollover that old 401(k)? Think you might be paying excessive fees?

Mention this post for a complimentary 401(k) Stress Test. This consultation will help uncover high fees and educate you to make the best decisions with your hard-earned savings.

Call 904-232-8760 TODAY!

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4 Your Money: 401k
4 Your Money: 401k

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Our new show, the Sunday Morning Money Report, debuted this past Sunday and we are so excited! We would love to hear your feedback. Tune in to this and every Sunday at 9:05 a.m. on CBS 47 for your 2 minutes of financial news and retirement tips.
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Did you know the typical American worker will pay more than $138,000 in fees for their retirement accounts over their lifetime? Not sure what you're paying in fees? Call 904-232-8760 TODAY to schedule your FREE X-ray.

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Have you been told to stay the course by your advisor? Have you asked them why? Call 904-232-8760 for your Retirement Readiness Review and see if changing the course is the right direction for you.

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