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A batch of three Green canvas Micarta handled Woodlore clones recently completed. Big thanks to +Lou Adams Photography for the amazing pictures.

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Super pleased with this! I've had this k&m match safe for about 13 years, the suunto compass has had a big bubble in it for years and you can't get them any more but i discovered the recta clipper has the same diameter compass inside so i managed to pop one out carefully and glue it in.

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This is well worth a read 

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I've been taking pictures of the build process of a Woodlore clone. If you're interested in the process you can follow along here

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I'm touched and humbled to hear someone speak so kindly and eloquently about my knives, I'm honestly moved that anyone would feel this way about my creations. Kind thanks go to So of The Big Journey Company.

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A massive thanks to the team at +Lou Adams Photography, I'm not sure where my products would be without the quality of images you have provided over the years.
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I've just finished building a new website, there may be a few tweaks needed but for now here it is

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This is a first for me, I've not used Blackthorn for a handle before.
O1 Tool Steel
Tapered tang
Blackthorn scales
Dark green Liners
Brass/Aluminium fittings.

Thanks to @louadams for the awesome pics

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Black & Yellow 01 Midi

Definately a first colour combination for me!

O1 tool steel
Black G10 scales
Yellow fibre liners
Brass Corby bolts
Black sheath with yellow stitching

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I still have one of these available message me if interested.
12mm tufnol frame double theraband gold tapered bands. £40 including UK postage.
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