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Oreo milkshake fanatic, gamer and Manchester united fan.
Oreo milkshake fanatic, gamer and Manchester united fan.

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+Google it's 2015 - it's ridiculous that you don't push your own update to everybody that owns a Nexus, instantaneously. It's like you don't have confidence in your work and you have to stage the rollout.

And what message does this send to all the OEMs and carriers? They take a gazillion years to push updates, sometimes they push to certain countries first, sometimes on some carriers first... do you really think this is the best way to show them how it should be done?

Oh and news flash, Apple does this flawlessly. Their iPhone/iPad line is as extensive as your Nexus line, so why they do it as it should and you don't?


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cannot wait to receive it
In case you're wondering why your Nexus 6 feels so darn fast and smooth on Android 5.1, besides all the improvements on ART and possibly a lot of code cleaning and optimizations on the Framework - the device is now running full quad-core mode all the time which helps tremendously because the Kernel task scheduler can distribute the workload through all these cores so you'll get the perception that the device is not hanging anymore.

They also disabled the built-in thread migration boost routines - if you don't know what this is about it's a driver made by Qualcomm that receives a notifier from the task scheduler when one thread migrated from one cpu core to another, and to minimize perceived lag it boosted the destination core to the same, or greated, frequency than the origin core:

1 - thread moves from cpu0 to cpu2
2 - driver is notified
3 - reads the current cpu0 frequency
4 - if cpu2 current frequency is less than cpu0's read frequency it boosts cpu2 to that freq, or, if the origin freq is lower than the threshold (which is 1.7GHz by default AFAIK) it boosts to that threshold value.
5 - the boosted frequency on cpu2 stays there for at least 20ms

These migrations can occur dozens of times per-second. One of the things that I did on FK was disabling all this to conserve battery (and we don't really need all that boosting with this chip).
I'm sure Google did the math and a lot of power measurements and found out that the gains outgain the losses, so they disabled this, and I applaud them.

So these two changes balance themselves out, and I can imagine that 100% stock users will be pleasantly surprised by the improved battery life.

Unfortunately we're still dealing with full 3 second cpu boost on touch events... we don't need long of a boost, specially at 1.5GHz... Comon Google.

I don't know what other improvements they did on the Kernel, the source is not up yet, this is all I know for now.

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Continuing the tale of "Nexus 6 is way smoother on Android 5.1", Google/Motorola merged a couple of patches that make use of NEON instructions to speed up AES and SHA encrypted blocks. I have had these patches for a while on the Nexus 6 and it helped quite a bit.

This is a benchmark on one of the commits that shipped with lollipop-mr1 Kernel branch:

On a dm block device using aes-cbc-essiv:sha256 encryption, mounted
as ext4,

10MB file read test:
   Generic AES   |   AES_ARM
    45.4 MB/s    |  59.0 MB/s

1 GB file read test:
   Generic AES   |   AES_ARM
    43.7 MB/s    |  63.5 MB/s

They also merged an interesting patch that increases a vote clock one of the qcrypto interfaces:

I ran a couple benchmarks and I can clearly see improvements when reading/writing blocks of data from /data which is encrypted.

And we're still using software encryption (even though the interface is enabled on the Kernel side, Google disabled it on their device trees sometime in December).

Very gud.

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Immediate purchase. #android

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Looks amazing 😍
VALTOS Revealed!
Shhh... don't tell anyone

Coming sometime next week! #StayTuned  

I've had more than a few reboots with my nexus 6. It seems to only happen when I switch aeroplane mode on and then off. The phone freezes and will reboot to the Google logo. The number of times it reboots isn't proportional to how many times I toggle aeroplane mode (eg - if I toggled aeroplane mode 5 times in a day, it won't reboot 5 times) but it only happens in that scenario.

I've searched for reboot problems for the nexus 6 but haven't seen any specific reasons or remedies.
Can anyone here shed more light?

Thanks in advance ☺
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