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Is University Now The Norm?
Because after paying 9k a year you still are not good
enough. Every 18 year old across the UK knows
exactly what they want to do with their a-levels. For some people it is
University. The big scary thing that is pushed onto every person since about
the age ...

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Is it true that if I work hard I can be successful?
Because humans are naïve by nature. Growing up you might have heard “If you
work hard you can achieve whatever you want”. Of course this might be true in some
aspects you might be able to work hard enough and go to University, you might
be able to work hard...

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Is True Equality Ever Achievable?
Because One Can Hope. Equality, whether it be
between the sexes, between the races, or between the LBGTQ+ community.
Somewhere someone is fighting for the equality that they deserve. In today’s
society the struggle for Muslims to achieve equality in the wes...

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Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon
A good bath bomb is my favourite bath time companion, without one I don't feel there is a point and you may as well just take a shower and save on water. Lush bath bombs and bubble bars are my unquestionable go to products, there is always so much choice an...

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Holiday Travel Bag: What’s Inside?
because we all like to take a little bit of home with us. When travelling I have to take a travel bag
full of goodies to keep myself occupied for the trip ahead. I also might have a
tendency to over pack. However, I do pack the essentials for the long journ...

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Cat calling empowerment or harrassmentt?

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Cat Calling
Another way the patriarchy sexualizes the female body. Picture
this a grown woman walking down the street, minding her own business when a car
drives past her, beeping their horns and yelling obscenities out of the window
such as ‘whore’. A group of males f...
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