Thanks to sharing #SOPA and #PIPAa most updated +Daria Musk !!! Its really a great news for us !!
UPDATE - As #SOPA and #PIPA have been shelved for now, we're regrouping for a new Hangout-On-Air Event addressing larger issues, like #ACTA and whatever form the bills may take next. There will be special guests like my congressman from Connecticut - Chris Murphy and more!


We'll have a chance to actually SHOW some real politicians our community first-hand, and educate them about our world and how it works!

And we'll still have you G+niuses join to call your representatives both in the US and Internationally to voice opinions and urge them to vote down these bills and start getting serious about understanding the internet and the way our modern world works today - with global social connection, face to face interaction and heart.

Freedom, activism and love,
Your G+rl,

Ps. With +The White House here at our house on G+ now... Who knows who we might get to join our discussion! :-) Be sure to comment so I can add you to the circle I'm building for first-invites to the event!

Pps. If YOUR representatives would like to join the Hangout in person let me know! I know +Alida Brandenburg was going to ask hers! When I called Chris Murphy's office they put me through to his communications director who was thrilled about Rep. Murphy joining us!
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