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Kim Frakes
I'm a wife and a mama. I love coffee, warm pajamas, and sleeping. I teach and blog and make things. And Jesus is my main man.
I'm a wife and a mama. I love coffee, warm pajamas, and sleeping. I teach and blog and make things. And Jesus is my main man.

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Falling Free
It's funny how the heart begins to change, little by little, as we read, talk, and share ideas. Recently I threw my name in the hat for a Book Launch Team.  I'd never done this before, but I love to read, so I applied and was super excited to be accepted to...

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modern-day miracles
Her husband had unceremoniously moved out the day before.  It was her first day as a single parent and she was trying to find joy in the small things.  The kids had gone to visit their dad at his new home, but she still had a nagging feeling.  Earlier in th...

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Where is God?
"Where is God?" my friend asked. I'll never forget this moment.  I was standing in my closet while one of my dearest friends told me her husband was leaving.  He has decided their marriage has "run it's course" and he's moving out.  Leaving his adoring wife...

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pink chairs and soft hearts
Well hello there!  Have you missed me?  I've been busy.  Planning a fair, throwing Gatherings, and of course teaching the loveliest group of second graders you've ever known.  It's been a fun and busy year and my blogging has taken the hit.   I've thought o...

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i am a walmart mom.
I had a moment today. We are only days away from leaving for a big trip.  We needed snacks and travel sized everythings.  So the whole fam damily loaded up and headed to the Super Walmart. While there, every. single. person. in my family was vying for the p...

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What goes around, comes around.  Right?  Well after I posted that last little diddy about my tragic eyebrow wax (which was a little strongly worded, please don't think less of my mom.  She had her mama bear claws out, understandably), karma bit me in the bu...

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waxing nostalgic
When I was a newlywed, I went to a local spa to get my eyebrows waxed.  This thing, this eyebrow waxing, was not a new thing in my life.  But the lady doing the waxing was.  And when I asked her to tighten up my eyebrows, she went to work. About 20 minutes ...

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We had Christmas in the mountains.  Have you ever been to the mountains for the holidays?  It's dreamy, really.  Magical.  Especially when you wake up on Christmas day and there are BIG FAT SNOWFLAKES falling outside your window.  Yes, you must do it someti...

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5 things I'm thankful for
Have you seen this on facebook?  Every day people post 5 things they are thankful for.  There are a few people in my feed doing it and I always love seeing the things they find extraordinary in the ordinary days.  I love the attitude of gratefulness for the...

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my love in a jar.
I love Christmas.  I love decorating and making goodies and having parties and decorating some more and going to parties.  I love the music and the smells and the gifts.  And mostly I love Jesus, for giving us such a fun time of year to celebrate his birth....
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