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Azusa Pacific University - East Campus
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901 E Alosta Ave Azusa, CA 91702
901 East Alosta AvenueUSCaliforniaAzusa91702
Private University
Azusa Pacific University is a leading Christian college ranked as one of the nation’s best colleges by U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review. Located near Los Angeles in Southern California, APU is a Christian university offering associate’sbachelor’smaster'sdoctoral, anddegree completion programs, both on campus and online.

The schools and colleges at Azusa Pacific University are well-known for excellence in higher education among top Christian colleges and universities. APU offers a wide variety of academic programs, comparable to the best colleges and universities in the nation, yet provides low student-to-faculty ratios.

If you are researching Bible colleges, bachelor’s degrees, graduate programs, or seeking to complete your degree, we invite you to learn more about Azusa Pacific.

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"More liberal colleges: Modern Languages and Sociology."
"Master of Arts in Organizational management."
"...completed a bachelors degree Human Development..."
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Tyler Wilson Woodward's profile photo
Tyler Wilson Woodward
9 months ago
I was badly burned by APU, and I did not want to make a legal matter of it, but I do feel i need to share my experience. APU is not a God First institution and had many petty issues. They are more business minded than anything else with petty charges amounting to hundreds of dollars for things like being unable to attend chapel or not spending all of your meal points. I had a foreign professor (very smart man); he did not know the English alphabet. Furthermore, great teachers were let go while other teachers were allowed to disrespect top students based off petty suspect with no proof. My biggest personal problems were with the clerical staff. They cannot keep a consistent office staff so it is very difficult to accomplish anything. I finished all my classes in 2012 and they stopped me from graduating because they randomly found an extra requirement (that not even my academic advisor or department head picked up). I failed to pass the expensive extra requirement and became very defeated after multiple failures at passing the requirement pushed my graduation date back 3 YEARS! I accepted this because it was my responsibility alone. A couple weeks ago the school's new One Stop person contacted me to ask why I hadn't graduated because my account had simply been pending since 2012. I explained my situation with the missing requirement and she did not have it anywhere in her files and said that the school is working on contacting students faster than every few years. After much delving the woman blamed the whole misunderstanding on a clerical error. I spent the last three years scraping by financially and working at labor jobs and things that had nothing to do with the $160K I spent at APU. I chose the school because my family and I felt a Christian education was important, but I found a greedy institution that uses love of God as a selling point. Now, I value my time at APU; I met many genuine and good people. I learned a lot and I had a wonderful time. Though I value my time, it was not a Godly atmosphere. However, though it was not Godly I don't mean that I am bitter. I am very glad to finally have the diploma I earned and be done with the institution. I am grateful that time here was in God's will for me; but if I knew what I know now about the institution, I would have never applied in the first place. Please take my experience to heart when considering this school. Talk to the professors who will be teaching your classes; if you do decide to go the good ones will be a lifeline amongst the clerical staff and the incompetent ones. I love the good people I met and I am grateful for the lessons I learned as an expense to the bad ones. Thank you for the time.
• • •
Todd A.'s profile photo
Todd A.
a year ago
God First? Well... You certainly need to "fit in" the APU profile in order for you to feel welcome. If you are not white, protestant, heterosexual, American, conservative, you will feel welcome only on the outside. People here are very ignorant and they teach you to stay that way. Any ideas or thoughts that does not "fit in" the APU's values are immediately ignored. The student body is mostly spoon-fed conservative kids who have never really set foot out there in the real world. A lot of them come from broken homes, but never admit it or act like it because it would put them out of place. Universities are supposed to help people feed themselves, and explore the world out there. Not APU - they continue to spoon-feed students about what they think is right and expect students to be spoon-fed their whole lives. Students seem to come here because they will feel comfortable in this setting, because the real world would be a little too hard and "dangerous." Chapel is very creepy, only comparable to a cult. Oh, and school internet has filters, where each page you visit is evaluated as porn or not. Sometimes it messes up and filters Google as a porn-site because I guess it can lead you to other porn-sites. Students post notes on gay students' doors saying "you do not fit in here," Obama's re-election makes him "the anti-Christ," and anybody that speaks Spanish is immediately "illegal," everybody is a "virgin" and you cannot be "worldly." More liberal colleges: Modern Languages and Sociology. These two are the only more liberal schools. The incoming freshman level has dropped this year, I hear, and the school has really started to let anybody that applied to start attending - they need the money. The overall level of academia has gone downhill.
• • •
Marcos Nunez's profile photo
Marcos Nunez
a year ago
I applied to the adult studies program to finish up my bachelors degree in late 2010. This means I actually attended classes at a satellite campus, not the main campus in Azusa. The satellite facilities are excellent and your graduation ceremony is held at the same time as the convention students. This was a very touch, in that it facilitated family coming to see your college graduation. Although I only visited the main a few times, somehow they make you feel connected to the entire university. I was extremely pleased with the caliber of instruction that each instructor provided. Every aspect of this school is well managed and professional. I completed a bachelors degree Human Development and successfully transitioned into a teaching credentialing program at a state school. I read some reviews below giving the school one star.... the reasons should not be a surprise.... "they don't approve of same gender relationships", "they have strict rules".... Well, yes, it is a Christian college and they CLEARLY point out what they believe and what they reinforce when going through the admissions process. In the end, this school is a great choice, if you are looking for a college that has very low teacher to student ratios, this is it. If you are looking for a school that is safe for you or child, this is it. If you are looking to complete your bachelors, but can't make it Azusa, look into one of their satellite campuses.
• • •
Gene Gray's profile photo
Gene Gray
2 years ago
Excellent education! Faith integration and academic excellence prepared me for a 20+ year career in psychology. Genuine interest by professors made my education enjoyable but rigorous. It is the only university that I recommend.
John Philips
a month ago
Don't go this college if you are an international student. You cannot get a job even if you graduated and there is no help to get a job. Going here was a huge waste of money.
Ben J. DITZEL's profile photo
a year ago
First, APU also does not allow technology use in most of their classes (computers, tablets, etc). I even had a class on how to blog... But because there was a 'no laptop /tablet policy', we were forced to blog on paper and then recopy it, in our own time, onto a website at home. If the student is paying for the class, it's their responsibility to ensure they make the most of it and don't peruse Facebook whilst in class. The rest of us have tablets and laptops we use for our books and notes. This school is falling behind in technology advancement and use in education. But even sadder, I was very disappointed in the doctrinal stance (or lack thereof) of this 'Christian' school. The faculty was overwhelmingly liberal Christian or nothing and only a few faculty that I met even cared about Christianity or belief in the God of the Bible vs. a God of the world's devising. Not only does APU discourage conservative doctrine, but it encourages open demonstrations of an enormous homosexual group on campus, advocates a flavour of worldly love not taught or allowed in God's Word, and the classes each have a unique angle to shake students to their very core on their beliefs in order to get them to 'think on their own' by introducing and forcing them to read certain controversial books written by atheists, Satanists, Buddhists, and the like. I watched in sad horror as most of my professors destroyed the seeds of faith in my classmates and they graduated either atheists, confused and angry, or embittered against Christianity. Azusa Pacific University is not a place to send a young adult who is not rooted deeply in every aspect of the Word of God and connected already with a solid church in the area before arrival. In conclusion, I would never recommend this school to anyone who called themselves a follower of Christ.
• • •
King George's profile photo
King George
a year ago
Like said before, not a very tolerating or accepting school. If you like being treated like a child, with strictly enforced rules and absurd values that you are somewhat forced to follow, even while you are off of their campus, then by all means, APU is for you. I graduated this year, and I wish I had chosen a better school. APU makes school not that enjoyable.
Jess Akers's profile photo
Jess Akers
3 years ago
I have been to almost every type of school in California from community colleges to csu to uc. I love APU more than any school I have ever been to. It's expensive but its worth it. The professors are top notch but above all they actually care about their students. The environment on campus is great and really accepting. Even the people I know who ended up leaving APU for one reason or another still love this school. Come visit and see for yourself